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Here is the continuation of my "full of apple" story.

for the 1st chapter look here.

A Story about a Forgotten Fruit...

After the recon along the King's coast of Nellisa, Felipe De La Manzana and his crew returned to the little house Felipe and Basil managed to build when they first arrived in Nellisa.

The crew was already at work by loading and un-loading cargo (most of it beeing apple seeds...) in order to prepare Felipe's plan : destroying the jungle and plant Apple-orchards and plantations !

With the last canoe arrived Juan Ponce de Hespérida, the former pirate castaway Felipe saved before.


Basil welcomed him while Felipe De La Manzana is supervising the unloading cargo from his balcony.


- Welcome my dear fellow !

- Hi Senor. I had to refresh me a bit, I know I am late...

- Of course, that's fine, you shaved this awful beard !

- Yes. El Senor Felipe is awaiting me ?

- Yes, yes... come with me and go tell us what is your "Fabulous Treasure" !

Basil lead Juan to the balcony to join Felipe.


- Ha ! At last ! My favorite castaway ! Said Felipe welcoming Juan on his side.

- Hi Senor Captain ! I had to shave my beard before seeing you and ...

- Yes of course, but tell me, I'd like to know if you worth the apples you cost me... Tell me about your Fabulous Treasure ! Interrupted Felipe.

- Yes. This is our deal... So... I have a map that is talking about the positions and strangely the non positions of an isle...

- Yes. That is a bit unclear. How an Isle could have a position and not have one ?? Said doubtly Felipe.

- Let me show you. Answered Juan de Hespérida while he put on the table the map.


- Oh I don't understand anything to that. Said Basil. I leave you with those explanation and I am going to control this gem we found earlier on the beach.


Saying that, Basil went upstairs and made check up the gem observer.

It is a great tool but a bit fragile with all these lens into it, so it demands some care. Care that Basil is particularly awared of.

Downstairs, Juan is explaining Felipe the map :

- Senor, this map is more than a map ! It tells how and probably where to find the Fruit of Knowledge ! The Forbidden Fruit ! The Fruit Zeus made to share his power with his wife Hera ! The Fruit Hades cursed ! The Fruit that was Forgotten and lost, the Fruit...

- Wait, wait, wait ! interrupt Felipe. What are you talking to me ?! It is a Legend ! Such a fruit doesn't exist !

- Of course it exists ! And I have the information that this Fruit is a Golden Apple ! and I have...

- WHAT ! AN APPLE ! AND A GOLDEN ONE ! Yelled Felipe. why are you hiding such an important info ! Of course I want it !

- So we have a deal ? asked Juan Pnce de Hespérida.

- Yes we have a deal ! Answered Felipe De La Manzana.

And Juan Explained that the Golden Apple is in a lost orchard, the No-one's Orchard, itself hidden on an isle that no-one is capable of reaching because its position is strangely changing.

He also tolds the map is the first map of the terrible pirate captain, old beard Caliquot, a dangerous fellow who is trying to find the island for himself. He his still searching it and has an other map of the possible positions of the island. So, it would be good to steal it from him...

At last, Juan spoke of the curse of Hades : It is possible, by jealousing his brother marriage, Hades cursed the Fruit in order to prevent Hera to bite it. So it is not sure what it will do to a mortal...


And the two men planned how to begin and how to find this Golden Apple.

Ok, this is probably a bit long but I wanted to build a great leading quest for Felipe De La Manzana and what's a good quest without apple ? So I made this story... It will be in multiple parts of course, and it will be integrated in all the rest of the game of course.

Hopefully, the development of the apple orchards will not be stopped by this quest.

So thank you for reading this story and of course C&C is welcome.

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I really like the first build, simple and effective but still beautifull! Keep IT up!

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those are a lot of apple details in an apple story :P

Nice beach side house.

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Nice house. I like the red and white colorscheme and you've got just enough details to fill the scene nicely. The upper porch/patio area is a good idea for a house so close to the water. You're really taking off with this fruity business, eh? Too bad Lego doesn't make an apple in gold to hang over the door...

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Nice sequel, Faladrin, I like the apple hanging over the door, and white walls and red roof look quite appropriate for Eslandola :thumbup: Looking forward to your wild goose chase search for the golden apple! :pir-sweet::pir-laugh:

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