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Adventurers - "Great West" 1920's tramp steamer MOC

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NOTE TO THE MODS: I know I have a thread for this already, but I thought it would be better to start fresh than try and refresh everything on the first post. Plus, the title was no longer the right one, as I cast off all the Ninjago parts of the story. Sorry, but I had to make a new start....

(Also, please note I am using the camera on my phone for these pictures. They might be slightly blurry in some cases.)


Real background:

I built this ship from two Adventurers sets: I used the boat from set 5975 (T-Rex Transport) and modified slightly to resemble set 5976 (River Expedition). The ship features a boiler, steering wheel and a bigger smoke-stack. I have added a complete bridge with removable roof instead of the open topped one on my previous version of the ship. Also, I have recently added a mast to the front of the ship, and changed the name to the Great West.


Fictional background:

Built in 1917 for Throwing Star Freight Lines as an ocean going tramp steam ship, the Great West was constructed in a far off land not shown on most globe or maps. The ship is captained by Edward Karloff, who is also the owner of Throwing Star Freight Lines and good friend of Johnny Thunder. In fact, Johnny uses the Great West to run supply routes for his Adventurers quests all over the globe. When not on duty, the ship and Captain Karloff can be found at the Adventurers resupply depot, located on a tropical island in the Atlantic Ocean halfway between where Dino Island is and the mouth of the Amazon river.


The top floor of the ship is the bridge - this area contains a nautical telegraph (to control speed) and the wheel. (to control direction)


The bottom floor features a table covered with ancient papers and sea charts, plus a glass jar with a some thing strange inside. ( it's actually this OGEL ice orb from Alpha Team: http://alpha.brickli...3626bpb0091#T=C ) Some of these old papers contain places not seen on any globe or any modern map. Also that red thing is a dynamite plunger... just in case!


Some of the recent cargo of the Great West includes:

- silver ingots and coins

- silver and gold nuggets

- Dynamite (the accompanying plunger is in the Captain's Quarters / map room)

- Ancient spears

- the Maltese Chicken

- Two halves of a long-lost pirate's treasure map

- Money

- large rough-cut ruby


Captain Edward Karloff and his dog, Madame Blue.

LDD file (boat only, no cargo or captain): http://www.mocpages....1451495112m.lxf

This concludes the tour of the ship. Comments, Questions, Suggestions for additions or modifications and Complaints are always welcome.

Keep on Adventuring!

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You sure you cut out all the Ninjago Parts...? :grin:

I decided not to change the Captains name.... after I forgot to edit it out while posting. Oh well, it's 99.98% Ninjago free!

Nice ship!

I missed the T-Rex Transport set............ It's still on my wishlist :classic:


I had that set, but it was taken apart and destroyed almost as long ago as the set's been released! (I would have been 5, almost 6, in the Summer of 2000, and sets did not last long in my hands before being taken apart!)


Thank you!

Edited by Murdoch17

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This has a Tintin look to it.

The exterior of the ship is looking really lovely.

Great MOC. :classic:

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for commenting.

If you think that looks good, you should see this:


I will hopefully be getting it soon, maybe by mid February.

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