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Here is my first participation for BoBs and the intro of my (full of apple...) story. The next chapter will not be too long to wait...

A Fruitfull Recon

After a good rest, Felipe and Basil hired some crewmen and decided to start their new idea : develop Apple Orchards in Novelli !

To do so, Felipe De La Manzana planned a recon trip along the King Coast of Novelli, the southest of it seeming to be promissing.

But as he was checking the map to correct it with Basil, his faithfull First officer and navigator, the crow's nest man yelled :

- Someone ! Someone on the shore Cap'tain !

Felipe grabbed his spyglass and saw an old man gesturing on the beach near as it seemed to be a former little pirate canoe with dead bodies.


- Put my canot on sea ! Ordered Felipe.

- I go with you. Said Basil. You'll save it, am I right ?

- Yes, of course ! He probably had bad time near this dangerous jungle, I nead to bring him aboard, it could be free crewman.

- But did you see the pirate flag ? If it was a trap ?

- Yes you're right, take some armed crewmen with us and go on !

Saying that, Felipe grabbed a bag, put some apple in it and jumped onto the canot.

Basil surprised by this asked :

- Apples ? Why do you take apples ?

- It is obvious ! This poor guy is probably starving ! I will bring him some healthy food ! yelled Felipe De La Manzana from the canot.

Basil didn't reply, laughed and jumped onto the canot with two men.

The canot did not make too long to board the rocky beach the castaway was.



The old man welcomed warmly the rescuers.

- Ah ! Thank you ! I am stuck in this beach for soo long ! I tried to pass through the forest but it is impossible, my friends here did not survive to it. Said the former pirate showing the skeletons.

- You are welcome aboard, said Felipe De La Manzana, but as it seems to me you are a pirate. And he looked at the rest of Black Flag hanging on the shipwreck.

- No ! No ! I am a castaway ! I was banished, and I am a former Eslandian citizen ! My name is Juan Ponce de Hespérida ! Please, don't hang me, I want to be forgiven !

- And how can I do that ?

- You could not have seen this flag. Saying that Juan Ponce de Hespérida through the flag away.

I can offer to you, for your help, an interesting information about a fabulous treasure me and my former pirate fellows heard of. I was banished for that, anyway it doesn't bother me to share it with you...

- Ah ! Ok ! You are speaking to my Eslandian heart ! Good to hear that ! Welcome aboard sailor, take an apple ! Said Felipe with jewels in his eyes...

So Felipe took Juan in the canot and brang him to the little residence he built in Novelli for futher informations.

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That boat looks ever so slightly overloaded. :pir-grin: Nice storyline, I'm interested in seeing where this goes!

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...a fabulous treasure...

Ah! Ok! You are speaking to my Eslandian heart! Good to hear that! Welcome aboard sailor, take an apple! Said Felipe with jewels in his eyes...

:laugh::roflmao::iamded_lol: Very nice story and build Faladrin, the wreck on shore is excellent, and I like that overloaded boat as well! :pir-sweet:

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nice wreckage,

The yellow line and the transparant pieces on the blue, make it more watery, I'll keep that in mind the next time I make a beach :D


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Thank you very much guys !

I'm Glad you found it funny !

The overloaded boat is appropriate since Felipe brought a full load of apples !

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Good intro. Both builds may be small, but they look great and the story is pretty good too. I like the wreckage on shore and the haphazard posing of those skeletons looks natural. You've got way more stuff going on with that boat than most people would consider - several men, supplies, a really cool decorated anchor - and it makes a nice little scene all by itself. This apple business promises to be interesting. Keep it up!

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Nice build and suitable story for it! :classic:

A piece of photo advice: the second pic looks blurry since only the front of the boat is in focus. Try moving the camera back a bit and zoom in or crop instead, and preferably with a larger f-number to increase the depth of field. On the other hand, having only some element (like a minifig) of the build in focus is a great way to emphasize that element :classic:

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That anchor is EPIC! (i will steal the pattern but i will put the gray "teeth/claw bricks" upside down. At least that's how our native little anchors look like :)

Edited by blackdeathgr

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