The History, Faith, and Present of Dearji (and others)

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This is Dearji the Windsong.


Dearji is one of the Truachesh neh Triuri (People of the Triple Goddess), and a citizen of Eslandola. She has just been ordained by the Crahaish neh Triuri (Ministry of the Triple Goddess) as a Wandering Acolyte. Her mission is to spread the faith through story and song.


About the Truachesh neh Triuri (Truachesh for short):


Approximately three days ride from the center of the Corrington/Eslandola border is Dun neh Saogh (Hill of Worlds), the holiest of holy sites for the Truachesh. The last remnants of this ancient culture lie in the fertile farmlands to the east of Dun neh Saogh.


A view of Dun neh Saogh, as seen from the south-southwest. (More images can be found here.)

Dun ne Saogh, the grain silo to the southwest, the uisge (whiskey) distillery to the northwest, and the Owan Tree east of the main cavern entrance are controlled by the Crahaish neh Triuri.


(large block of text, important but you can read it later)

The Triuri is most commonly known as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The Truachesh believe all that is, was, and ever will be descend from her. The Triuri is all that is female, in every form simultaneously.

In the beginning, the Triuri carried all that is material in her womb. To spark the birthing of all that is, the Triuri breathed into existence the Consort, the first male. (The Consort is traditionally depicted as a smaller female with the male organ.) They mated and created the 135 planes of existence.

The Truachesh believe in an ascending spiral of reincarnation. All souls must be born 135 times in each plane of existence before moving on to the next plane. Once a soul has lived 135x135 lives, they become one with the Triuri herself. The reincarnation of the soul can be any when in time. It can precede the previous incarnation, or even be concurrent with itself.

The Truachesh celebrate all major celestial events, with fertility rites on the equinoxes and other worlds experiences on the solstices. There are also a number of holy days, calculated on a lunar calendar, that relate to events of the past.

Many of the mystical creatures that much of the 'civilized' world claim don't exist, are thought to be other planes inhabitants that find their way into this world. Many blessings and rituals have been created to protect people from any harm these creatures might pose.

They believe that sex is natural and healthy. Virginity is not something that is prized by the Truachesh, and a maiden is any female who hasn't become pregnant. While sexual imagery isn't overt, it isn't discouraged either. Consequentially, the Tuachesh have developed potions that can prevent pregnancy.

Marriage, which involves shared property rights, is only allowed when there is a pregnancy. A pregnant woman may choose not to marry, though, without shame. Married couples can also, when both agree, take on other lovers.

The Crahaish neh Triuri minister to the faithful, but do not control the Truachesh politically. The Crahaish does operate the largest distillery and grain silo in the area, as well as protect the Owan Tree. They are headed by nine High Priestess, whom each rotate into the roll of Prime Priestess for three consecutive holy days, then pass the title on to the next.

Men who join the Crahaish are called Consort, and act in the male role during the fertility rites.

The holy books of the Triuri are written in Cymgrii (the old language), and each holy text must be copied by hand with each line and notation exactly reproduced. Translations into the modern tongue are allowed to be made directly from holy text, but are not considered holy, and are not allowed to be copied themselves. The holy books are not static as well. New texts can be added, but must be written in Cymgrii. More recent texts that include accounts of new things with modern words have been dificult to translate.

Dun neh Saogh

The hill is the most holy of places to the Truachesh, or more accurately the caverns within it. It is beleived that the caverns, carved with innumerable lines of Cymgrii script, connect this world to all the other planes of existence.

On the solstices the Truachesh practice their other worlds experience rituals by first drinking uisge (whiskey) strained through a rare mushroom found in the caves, and then dancing to a specific drumbeat. This is believed to create a heightened state of consciousness that will allow one to see into the other planes of existence. A person of pure faith may even physically traverse the planes of existence through the caves in this state.

The Owan Tree

More than a thousand years ago a strange man from a far land came, he called himself Owan. He planted a strange purple fruit near Dun neh Saogh, watered it, and then promptly died on the spot. There grew a purple fruit bearing tree.

The fruit of this tree was found to keep the men who ate it aroused for hours, even after spilling their seed, And that seed would be highly potent. It was decreed by the Crahaish that the fruit will only be eaten at the fertility celebrations on the equinoxes. To ensure this, the Owan tree is guarded and maintained only by ordained priestesses.

There have been attempts to reproduce this tree (some with stolen fruit). While the trees grown from the fruit of the Owan Tree do bear their own fruit, none has had fruit that has the same effect. There is some belief that the death of Owan may have given the tree the power of virility.


Recent History

Before the Mardeirian Intervention the Truachesh lands were a part of Corrington. At the time, the Corrington crown saw the Truachesh as little more than barbarians, to be taxed like foreigners. The Truachesh chose to hide rather that resist the Mardierian advance, many taking refuge in Dun neh Saogh.

The Truachesh had barely acknowledged the Mardierian government before it's fall and the founding of Eslandola. The new government's more lax policies have allowed the Truachesh to flourish and grow at thier own pace.

Truachesh life today

Most of the Truachesh neh Triuri live an agrarian lifestyle, but they don't eschew modern conveniences and knowledge. Most homes are oriented to magnetic north using compasses. They have little use for currency, operating mostly on a barter system and usually paying taxes in crops and livestock.

The Truachesh neh Triuri are mostly a female dominant culture, but men do hold positions of power.

The Crahaish, though they prefer the governance style of Eslandola, still hold respect for the Corrington crown, especially the current Queen. Today many of the Crahaish will offer a blessing for Queen Annetta when they encounter Corlanders.

Upon learning of her corronation, the High Priestesses gifted her with a masterwork tapestry depicting the Consort's fertilization of the Triuri's womb. It was tightly rolled, and those delivering it were instructed to only unroll it in the Queen's presence. It caused such a stir that the tapestry was promptly rerolled and stored in the royal treasury.

In this new era of exploration, a badric revival of the Crahaish has begun. The High Priestesses have reinstituted the title of Wandering Acolyte, and many young vocally talented priestesses and priests are heading out into the wide beyond.


Today's story:

Dearji the Windsong finds herself for the first time on a ship out to sea. The trade ship Captain Daffyd "Splattersquawk" Prows, who as a Truachesh boy of thirteen went off to sea, still held his faith in the Triuri. Captain Prows was glad to be her ferryman as Dearji spread the faith. The blessing and protection from sea beasts she brings to the Dark Narwhal and her crew is enough payment to the captain's mind.


Captain Prows was finally able, after a hard morning, to take his midday meal in his cabin. The cook had finally managed to make a good shark meat pie, and Daffyd wanted to savor it. Not three bites in, though, he felt something wrong with the ship. A quick glance at the compass, and the captain knew they were off course.

With his compass in one hand, and cutlass (for gesturing effect) in the other, Daffyd rushed up to the top of the sterncastle. Another look at his compass, to be sure of the proper bearings, gave him the confidence to shout, "Starboard you idiots. Thirty-two degrees starboard, now!"


Down at the wheel, crewman Potts was pushed aside by First Mate Tolan duBroise, who efficiently set the course. As the Dark Narwhal listed slightly with the hard turn her sails were able to catch more of the wind.

"Keep us on this course for two hours," Captain Prows called down, "Then bring us back to port seventeen degrees."

While he was attending to righting their course, the captain didn't notice the cabin boy, Frink, come up behind him.

"I made ye sumthin', Cap'n," the boy exclaimed.


Frink has carved a fish out of some driftwood for the captain.


Later the captain returned to the helm, and First Mate Tolan was able to spend some time atop the sterncastle with Dearji.


Dearji is singing of the Triuri mating with the Consort, in the old tongue. Even to those who couldn't understand the song, her voice was clear and pleasing.



Dearji isn't the only passenger on this voyage. A Corrington 'Political Officer', Byron Messuir, is on his way to Terreli to settle an important 'legal matter.' The odd thing is that while the Dark Narwhal does make berth in both Belson and Terreli, this voyage she will be making numerous trading stops along the Eslandola coast. If the 'legal matter' were truly important 'Officer' Messuir should have gotten passage on a ship bound directly for Terreli.


Dearji passed Byron as she left the sterncastle for the galley. Frink had called up to tell her that the cook had finally agreed to let her bless his crockery. Even though most of the crew didn't share her faith, all but the cook has asked for a blessing on the tools of their trade. Today the cook has finally bowed to the pressure from his mates.


About Captain Daffyd "Splattersquawk" Prows:


(Lots of text, but a good read.)

Daffyd Prows was a born and raised as one of the Truachesh neh Triuri. As the youngest of four on a sheep farm, young Daffyd had little prospects. When he took well to the study of astronomy at the age of seven, his mother held hope that he would join the priesthood to become a Consort. Instead, at the age of thirteen Daffyd joined a wagon train headed for one of the western ports. Daffyd intended to go to sea.

It took a grand total of four days to find a captain that would hire him as a cabin boy. Captain Stephanos Vatta had been a Corrington Naval Officer, but after a disgraceful discharge signed on to the East Trade-Wind Company. Daffyd served on his ship, the Buttery Croissant, for three years before it sank to pirates, Captain Vatta going with her.

Daffyd served on eight other ships, the last two as First Mate, before gaining his own captaincy. The Eslandolian Viscount Doblin, a friend of the late Captain Stephanos, financed the Dark Narwhal's custom design and Daffyd's first three trading forays.

In Daffyd's first year as captain, the Dark Narwhal was targeted by pirates four times. Each time he and the crew were able to fend them off. In the last of these attacks the Dark Narwhal crew were able to capture the pirate vessel. It took an extra week to make port towing the Sometimes Dead and her crew to Terreli. The pirates were promptly hanged for their crimes.

Most of the ill-gotten cargo in the pirate vessel hold had the EWTC logo, so the cargo and ship were adjudicated to the EWTC. For his efforts, Captain Daffyd Prows was awarded an official Letter of Marque, naming him a privateer for Eslandola and given an old style (even then) plaque to be mounted prominently on his ship signifying his new title.

In the fifteen years since, Captain Prows hasn't been able to capture another pirate vessel he had encountered, though he has scuttled four. The Dark Narwhal has brought in a goodly number of pirates to trial, and claimed bounties on six pirate captains. Seized cargo that wasn't readily traced to its owner became the property of the crew of the Dark Narwhal.

For all his years at sea, Captain Prows has done his best to keep to his faith in the Triuri, celebrating the holy days as best he can. He shared what he remembered of the teachings with his crew, and even ferried a High Priestess on a visit to the Corrington court. On that voyage five of his crew, one his First Mate, began their conversion to the Triuri faith.

Owing to his early years with Captain Vatta, and his own faith, Captain Prows has a very negative view of Oleon, and the Order of the Faith. Because of this, whenever the Dark Narwhal comes near an Oleon ship in open water he prepares a 'special shot' of a wax-cloth bag of kitchen refuse to be fired at the ship.

It was one of these encounters that eventually earned Captain Prows the nickname of "Splattersquawk". This name came from the Oleon captain who's ship recieved the 'special shot'. Daffyd learned the particulars of the Oleon side of the encounter from a former crewman of said ship.

Crewman Gravers told Daffyd how his former captain (he refused to give the man's name) had made his living making supply runs to the various New Oleon garrisons, with some lucrative side trading along the way. But that fateful voyage had the captain sailing into unfamiliar trade waters because he was ordered to ferry a Cleric of Poseidon to some island the crewman couldn't name. To make matters worse, in addition to the loss of side trade, the Cleric was a noisome, wretched man that paid too much attention to the cabin boy.

When Captain Prows had fired his 'special shot', which that day included a rotten goose carcass, the Cleric had been berating the cabin boy for not cleaning the deck in "the proper way." The bird flesh struck the man square in the back in a gooey mess, spinning him until he toppled over the railing into the sea. The captain laughed so hard that he hadn't the wind to order the Cleric's rescue, though the crew did so anyway.

The captain, upon his return, made a report of the incident referring to his then unknown assailant as Splattersquawk. It was only after his report was made that the captain learned about the notices to avoid the Dark Narwhal in open water, due to Captain Prows' 'special shot'. The nickname quickly circulated about the port, and was added to all future notices about the Dark Narwhal.

Captain Prows initially found the nickname embarrassing, but his crew took to it so well that he adopted the moniker from then on.


First Mate Tolan duBroise:


Tolan duBroise was once a Corlander who's family was well liked at court. In some way (he's not telling how) Tolan ran afoul of one of the Fraternities of Science. To avoid a major incident, he was asked to leave by the Queen herself.

Tolan is quick witted, and joyous in much of what he does. From his time at the Corrington court, he has great skill with a rapier and is well versed in the navigational sciences. But his time on the Dark Narwhal has forged him anew.

Tolan is quite fervent in his new faith in the Triuri. When Dearji came aboard, Tolan promptly offered his private bunk, adjacent to the Captain's study, for her use.




(This is the only image I could get to show the detailing under the windows.)

Dearji has enjoyed her time with Tolan, and is considering bedding him. After they make port, of course, because she is running low on supplies to make pregnancy prevention potion.


About the Dark Narwhal:

She began as a moderately sized caravel, but has been customized to suit Captain Prows' tastes. The sterncastle was increased in height and width to counterbalance a giant brass spiral horn that was added as a bowsprit. A fourth sail was rigged to the new bowsprit.

She has only two long guns mounted near the bow, one port, one starboard. She has four small guns on swivel points, also split port and starboard, in line from the long guns.

Most of the wood of the Dark Narwhal has been stained black. Along most of the railings are brass and pyrite (fools gold) details.

Captain Prows has chosen not to fly the Eslandola standard on his main mast, but instead flies a small tapestry with an image of Dun neh Saogh to proclaim his faith. To comply with the laws of Eslandola, Captain Prows had a wood and gold approximation of the common Eslandola flag placed prominently on the sterncastle. The Letter of Marque plaque found its place under the 'flag' nearly a year later.


That's all. Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to finish.

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Interesting build gedren, I like the cornerpost and the golden accents, and the first mate and captain are some nice figs as well :thumbup: It would be nicer if you could get some clearer pics though, have you tried taking them outside in the shade, maybe with a tripod? I'm also afraid it is a bit hard to tell the build is supposed to be part of a ship if you don't read it all! :grin:

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The full text is up. It may take you quite a while to read.

@Garmadon: The pics were taken outside, but with bad lighting conditions. Today's weather was worse, so I wasn't able to do a re-shoot. I am limited, for the time being, to my cell phone camera. Yeah, the build is difficult to discern as part of a ship if you don't read the story.

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Great job Gedren!

I also would like to advice to invest a bit in photograph quality as it does a lot for a MOC :)

I'll throw a map of where Stedor lays in the Eslandola topic!

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Wow... that's quite an introduction. The overall build is unique, and while the exterior is perhaps a bit plain the inner details are nice. You have a good variety of minifigs, and I'm curious about this suspicious Corry ociffer... The microbuild turned out really well. Good start.

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