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MOC: Italian town house - Via Arco 26

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This model was commisioned by friends who were going to Italy on vacation and needed a special gift for the host family they would be staying with for free for several weeks. As the family is quite fond of everything LEGO, a model of their home seemed appropriate.

The model was based on Google Street View footage only and built in "half minifig scale" as a compromise between detail, size, price and ease of transportation. Parts came mostly from one BrickLink order with additional parts from my existing collection. Total price for the building (materials only) was 200 Euros, the most expensive parts being the dark green tiles for the windows and the dark red roof.

All walls are two bricks thick as the wall sections around the windows are SNOT built.

The gift was very well received and my friend mananged to capture this great photo of the model and the reference building in the background. What do you think? All comments are welcome.

More photos on Flickr






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Definitely a special gift.

It might be the light but do the sides of the tower have different colours for the bricks? It looks that way in the pictures. The picture with the original building looks nice.

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What a wonderful gift. Even though it is half minifigscale there a quite a few clever techniques that would do equally well on a larger scale. Thanks for sharing!

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When I started reading this topic, I expected a smaller model and I was really surprised by the size. The house is very acurate, and instantly recognizable. You did a great job rebuilding it from the Google Street view, and it's a wonderful gift for the family of LEGO enthusiasts.

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