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MOC: Modern City Bank

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Well hello there!

I'd like to show you a MOC I made: A modern city bank.

I normally don't build in this style, so this was an experiment with new styles and stuff.

But I quite like how it turned out.

Here's another view;

No, this isn't sand, it's the pavement. I heard lots of people about this.

And here's the back, with a big window integrated in the wall of the second floor.

Well, let's take a look inside.

The ''cd-rack'' as my little brother calls it comes off like this:

Here's an overview of the ground floor:

Here's Steve, doing financial stuff (I'm not gonna say what, that wouldn't be nice for Steve.)

Here's a little waiting space. Steve is reading the Financial Times, he has invested in Lego. I hope he makes profit!

Here's a little kitchen, for personel only. Ah, I see Edward is enjoying his Brickola Cola.

Here are the stairs to the second floor, with a little barricade for people who don't work there.

Oh well, this picture is blurry. That isn't such a big problem, you can still see what is where.

Here's one side of the office space:

Here works Pete, he hopes that one day he will get an office for himself.

And here's the other side, where one of Pete's colleagues is drinking his well earned cup of coffee after ten minutes of work.

Well, here's the bosses office, where he can sit back and relax work hard. He has various things in his office where he's proud of, like the trophy for ''the best boss of the year''. James (the boss) is talking to Pete about raising his salary. Oh boy!

Here's the other side of the office, with the big window.

Seems like James is going to open up the safe to show us the big piles of cash!


Here's an overview of the safe:

And another view:

Well that was about it for my MOC.

Let me know what you think!

Have a nice day!

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Poor Pete... slaving away all alone in a dark corner... lol!

This is great... :thumbup:

Haha, thanks alot!

Luckily he's not totally slaving away, he often plays video games on his computer!

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You are welcome 'Raflegofan', have you considered posting on Lego Ideas as a project ?

It has that different yet cool building design.

Brick On !

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