42038 C-Model - Snow Buggy

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Hi, Everyone

Here is my very first Technic MOC

42038 C-Model - Snow Buggy

Hope you like it :classic:



- Front and Rear Suspension (Live Axle) (I used the same design of main model)

- HOG attached to the rear axle, (It moves acording Suspension)

- Adjustable and Working Steering Wheel

- Adjustable Seat via MiniLA

- Winch with simple lock system (Using another 8T gear fixed)

- Exhaust Pipes, Front and Roof Lights








Leftover Parts (Around 220)


More Pics

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This is very nice! It looks like something that would be used in snow machine races. I gather that is what you were going for, it looks like a real "hot rod" snow buggy.

Excellent design and use of panels (I really like the orange of this set).

Excellent first (or second or third or fourth... You get the picture) Technic MOC.

Happy New Year,

Andy D

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That's a nice C-Model. How many leftover parts do you have from building it?

A LOT, I will post a pic latter.

I really like it. The gear in the rear - is that for steering?

Yep.The Black Gear is for steering (HOG). The axle is hold by a Technic Pin with Pin hole and conected with a U-Joint to the gears. In this way, the HOG is not fixed, so when you push the rear suspension the HOG still will work without issues

The tan gear is to operate the mini LA and adjust the seat


Thanks to all, I really appreciate your comments :classic:

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