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Stannis Baratheon rallies Stormlanders and sellswords

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Stannis Baratheon, first his name, King of the Andals, of the Rhoynar, and the First Men, King in the Narrow Sea, King at the Painted Table, King of Dragonstone, King in the Wall, King of Storm's End, Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, Lord Paramount and Protector of the Realm, King of Westeros. The true King raising levies from the Stormlands, horse and pike. Volantene bowmen have accepted the Braavosi coins Stannis offered them, as sellswords from beyond the Red Waste which will arrive in a fortnight. Stannis leads, along Hand of the King, Lord Davos, Melisandre of Asshai and a heavily escorted Princess Shireen Baratheon. Pikemen levies from the houses of the Stormlands and Stannis own Dragonstone knights march along the Volantene bowmen.

23951537325_9b183fb98f_c.jpg20151224_142353 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr

23583692029_d1f907daf8_c.jpg20151224_142404 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr

23323328694_0e966f24c6_c.jpg20151224_142413 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr

23925506206_4f8f70c98b_c.jpg20151224_142345 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr

23843148652_d8a5bf1d3a_c.jpg20151224_142308 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr

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Thank you. That was a dwarven army that mutated due to fire magic and grew long legs. but will need to buy 80 normal legs for the Targaryen army who "donated" their legs to the One True King's Army

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