Hello everyone!

Welcome to Brethren of the Brick Seas Era II, as our exciting community building project and game heads into its second phase!

As we're just heading into Era II, there is some tweaking to still be done, but in the MASTER INDEX posted in this thread (second post) you'll find everything you need to help guide you through the world of the Brick Seas!

First, check out the Introduction Page.

After this page, you will need to look through the faction pages to help you get a sense of which faction you want to join.

We have four factions:
Corrington (Red)
Eslandola (Green)
Olean (Blue)
Sea Rats (Whatever color they want! - usually Black)

Second, after reading over faction threads, jump in and pledge allegiance to a faction.  Build a signature figure, your main character, and perhaps give us a little background about her/him.  You will be signing up in your new faction's thread and posting the introduction there.

Third, start creating story / builds!

So, you are now acquainted with the story a little bit, and you are excited to get to also playing in the economic game system (EGS).

Not all new rules are 100% released yet, so please be patient! But you can start looking through these rules.

I know there are a lot of threads here, but the one to start with is the actual "rules thread." This thread has links to the basic rules (such as dueling!) and the game (EGS) rules. Remember, you don't have to immediately play in the EGS -- it is just a game and a score keeping system that ties into our story.

After you look through the basic rules, perhaps you want to get started on a ship. If you plan on using it to make trade runs or raid other players, than check out the building ships, raiding, and trade runs thread.

Perhaps you are a landlubber and would like build a fort, factory, plantation, etc... then you might want to check out the "owning property" thread. This is also the thread you should check out if you want to start your own colony (within the EGS or outside it, there are some good pointers here).

Perhaps you are tired of reading rules tonight, and just want to put some of those shiny new bricks to use right away. You can always build "free builds" these give you points in the EGS and contribute to your faction, even if you don't play for points yourself! These can be any of the MOCs already mentioned or perhaps a story or something else to add to our community. The possibilities are really endless!

Yarrr, now go out there and forge your own destiny upon the waves!