[MOC] 40138 Christmas Train, all grown up

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I was quite taken by this year's Brick Friday holiday set, the 40138 Christmas Train, but the scale of it left something to be desired, so I decided to do something about it.


Train-wise, it's not a very technical model, but hey, as a fantasy holiday train, it works for circling my Christmas Tree and the Winter Village set up around its base.

I've actually entered it into the Town Forums' Expand the Winter Village contest, but thought I'd share a few shots over here as well for those Lego Train fans who don't frequent the other fora very often.


For the curious, there are a few more shots over at my MOCPages account and in my Winter Village contest entry thread over in the Town Forum.


Thanks for visiting and have a great holiday.

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Very nice. It has a bit of that Steampunk feel to it. :classic:

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