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Lego Luctor 544 opens a dutch 35-year business anniversary!

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Dear eager eurobricks readers,

After my Luctor adventure (see, I thought the story was all over and that it would dust away in a corner, yellowing faster than a ripening banana.

However, the company that I sold it to asked me if it could open their 35-year business anniversary by driving through a polystyrene wall!

They didn't prepare me for the terror that was coming....

Nearly crushed a one-year priceless Lego creation! But what a good use of a vehicle to give it one last appearance before it dusts away in the history books!

Enjoy the video! (in Dutch, sorry...)

More videos to get you informed about the Luctor:

More about the Luctor itself (this video has already sometime ago been posted here)

Can you think of a bigger reward for building a Lego MOC?

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That's amazing! The big truck comes out pretty fast!

It came past me at 25 mph and just one metre away from me it burst through the wall. Intense experience... I had to be so close because of the appalling range of the PF IR system.

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Lucky you drive that thing to the side :wink:

Otherwise nothing much was left of it I think

The intention was that it should drive in a straight line and stop at the of the concrete plate. But thanks to the incredible reliable Lego Technic steering racks, the steering had so much play that it turned to the right... Afterwards, I'm happy with that because if it would be there in the middle, it would have been crushed between the two polystyrene blocks that went in between the 'real Luctor' front wheels.

The second reason why I was happy: I couldn't get the Luctor to stop because the infrared range appeared to be about 2.5 metres... It was a race between the elephant and the mouse and the mouse has won while being completely out of control.

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