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Im a brickmaster.

Crippling indecision?!

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Do you guys ever experience crippling indecision when trying to decide on a set? For me this ranges from standing for an un godly amount of time in the aisle to inability to add things to me wanted list. Case in point, TFA sets! I almost want to get Kylos shuttle but it's huge, expensive and if I started get TFA sets I know I'll need to get more.:blush: Mostly cause as I get older space and were Im going to put things and what amount of usefulness I get of a particular set is more important.


Ok. Time to share your feelings! :laugh:

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I try and plan the ones that I want.

But... And this doesn't happen that often in the UK.... When there is a sale, I am torn a sunder...

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You're not alone! Always happens... choosing between 2 sets and standing in the aisle, just looking back and forth, choosing one, then leaving it. Then choosing the other... What a pain!

I was so tired of that that I developped some techniques/rules to make a quick decision:

1- Compare the overall good and bad between sets, price and number of pieces (±2 minutes)

2- Think about which set(s) I will be most happy to have in a month's time. (±30 seconds)

3- Remember that it's not a life decision, just a really small decision and that whatever the choice, there is no reason to regret it.

4- Set a price limit (±30 seconds)

5- Make an ultimate decision within the next 30 seconds

It works for me most of the time and now I don't waste time anymore!

@ dr_spock I had no idea that condition actually existed. I thought you were joking at first, but then I looked further and read about it, and it does explain that situation perfectly.

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