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[Frozen Beyond - C] The Iceglider

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The cold, brought to our beloved Avalonia by the Algus, had some nasty effects:

One of these was that our lovely lakes iced over, and the leaves of our beloved trees withered. The once beautifull Avalonian lakes looked like this:


Another effect of that damned cold is that the metabolism of every being slows down. And when you combine these effects, this story steps in.

Finn had long thought about it. He wouldn't fight the way of his Mitgardian father ("Charge!!!"), but the way of his Avalonian mother: with his brains. Finally he was able to construct what would be the downfall of these cold invaders. He was proud to present his Iceglider, called Rey. He had put Rey together with wooden leftovers, but she was a magnificent iceship.



He pulled the helm, and the ship answered perfectly. She flowed over the frozen lakes faster then most ships flowed over the sea.


With this, he would strike at the Algus, and due to the cold in their bones, they would be too slow to react. Finn smiled. There was still a chance to win!!!





My first entry for the Contest, I hope you guys like it! I got most of the idea for this MOC from books, and the names... :wink: CC very welcome!

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Nice Build. I hope the ship isn't too heavy for the ice! That would be bad!

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Nice rockwork! The vessel also look good, although I'm not too fond of that piece of cloth as the sail.

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