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What you think of the Star Wars EP VII Sets after watching the movie..

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Another thought, after having bought the FO Battlepack: Lego added far too many "FO Crew" (actually engineers, the guys with the huge, ugly helmet) to the sets. There is one in the BP, one with the TIE, two with the shuttle. We have almost as many Crew as we have regular Stormtroopers. I mean, who needs them all? Remove one from the shuttle and one from BP, replace them with regular Stormtroopers and everything would have been fine.

Seriously. If you buy one of every Force Awakens set, you will have 5 Crew members and 5 Stormtroopers (+1 captain). Why do we have as many crew as normal Stormtroopers? The BP should have had 1 crew member with two helmet options, 2 normal Stormtroopers, and then the one "heavy" version. Heck, they could have even thrown in a Tie Fighter Pilot instead. As is, 2 Crew members in the battle pack seems like over kill.

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