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Kodan Black

[O - H06] - Driven to Distraction

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Location: H06 Farmolis




Tomax and Xamot had been impressed by the assistance I had been able to provide and they requested that I meet them in their office to discuss further help I could provide. I knew that pombe would want me to provide any aid possible to our corporate partners so I was eager to see how I could be of service.

When I got to their office it was a bit intimidating. They had rather large and imposing desks that sat up high and it was hard to know where to look since they sat on opposite sides. But the most distracting part was the large enclosure at the back with two snakes in it. I couldn't see any glass keeping the snakes in and the snakes looked to be a variant of the cobra, which is very dangerous. It was hard not to concentrate on the snake tank and wonder what, if anything, was keeping them inside.

Tomax and Xamot were very friendly and would ask me about subjects like our methods of Awesomnium detection and extraction or biomass retrieval, and I'm not even sure what I said. I don't think I gave away too much information, but I can't really remember specifically what I talked about since I kept looking at the snake tank and wondering about it. Fortunately, my distraction must not have hindered me too much as they both seemed very pleased with me at the end. I'm sure pombe will be most happy that I was able to be so helpful to our partners!


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something about this really reminds me of the tyrell corporation hq in blade runner. maybe just the open feel, thick walls,square tiles, and creepy nature of the twins. great work

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