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[Freebuild] Narbilu is back | Andromeda crossover

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I climbed down the cliff with all I had, leaving the ridge with the closed portal behind me. Before descending I left a homing beacon, but it still seems all electronics malfunctions here. It was a rough climb down, being used to using jetpacks. But the soft soil containing grasses, mud and pebbles reminded me of the Salvaged Gardens back home. This place, this planet has it all. All the beauty of the stories my grandfather told me home was like back in the days. I shuffled my feet around, just being able to stop myself from taking off my boots to feel it with my bare feet. I looked up, everywhere towering trees with green leafs and pine blocked the burning midsummer sun from reaching the moss on the open spot I sat down to rest.

After an hour, my head was clear again, my hunger was appeased and I was ready to investigate the surrounding area. Rations were getting scarce, so the main goal for today was to find food of some sort. But without my com-pad I was unable to scan or identify what I would find. Every bite would be a gamble. With sharp eyes my head glanced between and past the dense foliage, scanning for any form of life, food, but foremost; residences. Because where is folk, there is shelter and food. Probably some kind of functional weaponry also, which could come in handy in questionable situations. I was in luck. Something that looks like a building, just ahead. I circled the building from a distance for three times, before I stepped out of cover towards it.

Up close, the building looks decayed. It is decayed, abandoned. The technique used to construct this seems outdated. Layers of bricks, uneven and stacked together with some kind of cement in between. Very old school, almost medieval. The door was hanging half broken down in its hinges, so entry was a piece of cake. Inside, I was surprised how spacious it was. One large room, some wooden furniture, stone floor and small stuff scattered all around on the floor. No light switch, not even a bulb to switch on. A small window in the roof provided me with a single beam of sunlight, casting large shadows on the floor. Phase one accomplished, a roof over my head. In a large trunk I found some rags, strings and a small blade. Could come in handy. The rags seemed to be of a fine quality, so I changed clothes in the hope that I would blend in more easily when I engaged the locals of this planet. The hood on the rags could cover most of my face when necessary.

Now for the most important step, finding food. From the floor I grabbed a leather water flask, which I stuffed in my pouch. Nothing more of importance was scattered around this shed. I took a moment to collect my thoughts. I need a weapon of some sort, and this knife won’t do the job. Just outside I cut down a large branch and a few smaller ones, which I used to construct a simple bow. The next hour I took the time to sharpen the smaller branches to make a small dozen of arrows. Enough to keep adversaries at distance or hunt for small creatures. I practiced a few rounds, before strolling into the woods. My days as a sniper came in handy, the hunt for food didn’t last very long. A swine popped up from a large bush and before realising it was stared at, an arrow whistled through the air hitting the poor thing in the neck. Before nightfall, I was back in the cabin, next to a small fire, roasting the animal. With a filled belly, I had a good night sleep.

Nothing was more true, the fire attracted someone or something. As I opened one eye, I saw something luring in the shadow of the western wall, just beside the door. I jumped up and charged in. The man lifted his hands to show me he was unarmed, so I did the same. We stared at each other for about a minute or two before speaking. I took initiative and it seemed we almost spoke the same language, his turned out to be the old, or even ancient, version of my native language. I invited him by the fire and gave him what was left of the piggy. His name was Fredrick, his eyes grew a size when I told him my name. Narbilu. Because that is the same name of the lost Lord of this region, Hemresa. (could it be?, did I travel back in time?). So I let the man talk for over an hour and my suspicions were correct. I am back in Historica, the time of my great grandfather after who I was named. All my senses sharpened and the rest in my head was gone. Dawn came quickly. I asked the man where to go to learn all about the Avalonia and its history. He promised to accompany me to Kaliphlin, a land far away, where the University of Petraea is. All knowledge is lodged there.

We travelled for a month, I had a lot of new impressions, learned the way of Historica and blended in pretty easily. Maybe I will share this journey later with you. Fredrick somehow got me in the university, said his goodbyes, gave me a hand full of coins we earned on our way to Kaliphlin and left. We promised each other that we would meet back in Hemresa. A promise I can’t hold, if the university grants me intel how to travel back to Andromeda. Three whole weeks I stayed in the library of Petraea, reading all about the journey of my great grandfather, his role in Avalonia, Hemresa, his battles and where he disappeared to. Halfway the third week, in a dark corner of the library, I came upon a book about gateways, called “the portal to the unknown”. Could it be a way out? A quick scan of the content, made me decide to study it further. I snuck out, with the book under my clothes. It was no easy way out, guards everywhere, checking everyone before leaving, preserving their knowledge. I needed to wait until the shifts of the guards ended and security was at the lowest point, but I managed to pull it off. In the harbour I got on the first ship sailing for Avalonia. The captain was kind enough to drop me off on Hemresa for a few gold coins. The four day travel was useful time to read the book.

The book described how to open a gate to whatever you think of. Sounds dark, unreliable. Still, it could be a way back to Andromeda, where my fellow Kawashita members count on me. Reading further, I come to the conclusion that it will be no easy task to perform. I need a hand full of supplies to craft a rod, but the hardest part will be finding a magic vein. After digging back in my mind about all the information I gathered about Hemresa, it popped to mind. Bow’s Arch was going to be the pride of Nar Bilu, a home town, a refuge, build on an ancient elven vein on the northeast side of the island. As expected most of the supplies were easy to find or buy. Except the emerald green stone. For a later concern, first I will try to find the location of where Bow’s Arch was supposed to be build before the Civil War. Knowing the elves still rule over Hemresa, I had to be careful. But when I strolled around the island I bumped into a few kids playing my great grandfather, a solid lead. I asked the small ones if they knew anything more about him, especially about the mystical place he was going to build. It turned out, I was close and for a small fee the little brats showed me the location. From a distance, because their parents told them never to walk upon Death Row, what it is called nowadays.

With a pounding heart I walked the dusty part of the island, bones scattered all around, no living organisms and a single ruin were lit up by green, yellow and bluish sparkles. The magic vein, surrounded by emerald green marbles. I was thrilled, excited and humble all at once. I just couldn’t wait. The entrance of the ruin offered me a path down a stairs, where a trophy room awaited my arrival. As I sat on the floor with the book next to me, I started constructing the rod. I stood up with in one hand the rod and the other holding the book open at the page with the instruction how to open the gate. A little too enthusiastic I started to wield the rod and speak the phrases from the book. The earth started shaking, the floor cracked and my thoughts wandered off. Then it happened. Greenish glows, light beams sprouted out of the floor. Devastating screams filled the room. I was pushed down, blown back by ... ghosts, armed men with transparent faces. The gate closed when I stopped the murmuring. The creatures hovered along the ceiling till one stood still before me. He called me by name. Calling me Lord also.


Instead of thinking about Andromeda, my mind wandered off to my great grandfather and his fallen soldiers. How I might be able to win Hemresa back for him, for our family. That thought caused not a gate back into the future, but a portal to the lost souls of Hemresa.

To be continued....

The complete build:



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Excellent interior :wub: The recessed swords and gargoyles look great, and I really like how you curved one section of the base :thumbup:

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Wow! That's one of the more impressive depictions of magic I think I've seen here in GoH :classic:

Great atmosphere in the build.

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Excellent build! The inset portions add some nice depth change and I really like that section of rounded border :thumbup:

Edited by LittleJohn

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