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1920's figures - Adventurers, / Pharaoh's Quest / Monster Figh

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This thread is to put for anybody to put their Adventurers, / Pharaoh's Quest / Monster Fighters figures, and generic people of the same time-frame. (1920's / 1930's) They can put any figures of that era, or from books or movies set in that era. The Great Gatsby meets Johnny Thunder at a cafe or maybe Sam Sinister wants to steal the Maltese Falcon, but Beloq (from Indiana Jones) gets it first. Either way, the era between the World Wars works for me.

Here is the first bit, which combines all three themes under one banner. (please remember that my cell phone photography skills are near zero, so most of these are off in one way or another.)

In the early 1920's, inquisitive minds and hardy souls, both good and evil, scour the corners of the Earth looking for lost civilizations and vast treasures. Some search for their own personal gain, or limitless power, others search for knowledge in a quest to preserve the past for the future. Good or evil they are known as...



From left to right:


Senor Palomar

Old friend of the Sinister family. He runs a vast South American artifact smuggling ring, as Sam Sinister's second in command.

Alexis Sinister

Sister of Lord Sam Sinister, evil, loves traps and weapons, secretly wants to turn Johnny Thunder evil.

Lord Sam Sinister

Arch enemy of Johnny Thunder, thief of lost treasures and great fortunes, plus is a mastermind of evil


Johnny Thunder

Australian explorer with a all- around can-do attitude. Always looking forward towards the future, but an eye on preserving the past.

Miss Pippin Reed

Former journalist, expert pilot, and a great friend to all in need.

Jake Raines

Hotheaded former pupil of Johnny Thunder's late friend, Dr. Charles Kilroy. Student of almost all sciences, but a firm believer in the supernatural.

Major Quentin Steele

English army officer turned monster hunter, tracker extraordinaire, and is a crack shot with any gun.


These figures are not named, and so are located here. Their is one other figure not under any classification, and that is the signature figure of me as a railroad engineer. I am not in the group because I am named, but am not with the Adventurers because I am not in the story-lines of any of the themes listed above.

First Imperial Bank employees


Left to right: bank manager - teller number 1 - teller number 2

Law Enforcement & City of Ironwood officials


Left to right: Sheriff - Mayor - Silver mine owner - town doctor

Railroad Workers


Left to right: local railroad official - station master - passenger train conductor - steam locomotive fireman

Shop Keepers & etc.


Left to right: General Store owner - post office master - bar maid


This is where armies and named non - Adventurers go.

Army of the Crossed Sabers


(The evil country of Ogel's land forces, known as the Army of the Crossed Sabers, which is temporarily commanded by Lord Sam Sinister on board the Battle-cruiser HMS Vladeck.) Left to right: Captain of the HMS Vladeck, Ogel soldiers (x6)

Named non-Adventurers


Left to right: Madame Blue (the dog), Captain Karloff (owner of Madame Blue and the tramp steamer "Great West"), Murdoch (engineer for Brick Railway Systems on their steam trains)


I hope everyone liked my list, and feel free to add your own too. Happy Adventuring / Questing / Fighting Monsters!

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