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[M - C06] Aerial Observations of a Most Interesting Nature

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Location: C06 - Hyreal

Tags: Spaceshsip, Spying

spoilm_zps69ishaur.jpg "Ahead full Mr Watson!"

srobot_zpsao2v25rk.jpg "Aye Sir! Ahead full."


spoilm_zps69ishaur.jpg "Ms. Thorneberry, set course due north."

skatya_zpsyyjescio.jpg "Aye, Sir. Course bearing Three-Six-Zero!"


spoilm_zps69ishaur.jpg "Any sign of our rival corporation?"


skatya_zpsyyjescio.jpg "No sign ahead sir that I can discern. Perhaps you wish to try our new SpyglassTM!"


spoilm_zps69ishaur.jpg "Oh My, this is jolly good. The optics are most exquisite!"


spoilm_zps69ishaur.jpg "Ah-ha! I have them!"


spoilm_zps69ishaur.jpg "They appear to be loading some form of weapon. It's rather over-sized and the projectile is most peculiar."


spoilm_zps69ishaur.jpg "In fact it appears to be some form of spacecraft."


skatya_zpsyyjescio.jpg "Sir, perhaps it is a canon for launching space vessels. If one could provide enough force via compressed steam or other explosive medium, theoretically one could overcome both gravity and atmospheric resistance and achieve orbit."

spoilm_zps69ishaur.jpg "A most excellent deduction, Ms. Thorneberry!"

spoilm_zps69ishaur.jpg "Ah yes, behind the crane; behold a large fusion boiler, easily capable of providing just such a charge!"


Additional pics...

The underside of the aerial observation dirigible:


A different view of the launch cannon:


The Kawashita crane operator:


The whole kawa team, plus satellite and shock absorbing launch platform:


And the MANTIS team:


The launch cannon idea was very much based on Jules Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon".

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Haha for me the Kawa launch platform is good but my favourite is the ship :laugh: now looking at it the Coruscant? planet reminds me of that Mage Guild Artifact from Skyrim :tongue:

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