[LDD MOC] Darth Vader Transformation

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Two MOCs in one day!

Decided to quickly make a revamped version of the 2005 7521 Darth Vader Transformation set.

Minifigures included are Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, and a Medical Droid. Oh, and the Transformation Droid if that counts.


As usual with my MOCs, I made it like an official LEGO set, play-ability all around. Like the original set, you can spin the table to show both Anakin pre-transformation and after. The platform also has two levers that can be turned to rumble the platform and knock off the droids, like the movie.


Reference photo -


Thanks for looking! :laugh:

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I'm loving your builds! They look amazing and could totally be a lego set - are you planning on building them?

Physically? No. A lot of the pieces don't exist in those colors. :tongue:

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