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Another hello from France

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I'm frequently reading this forum, but generally I prefer to remain in silent mode. Today I've decided to write a short introduction.

My name is Jean-Charles, and I'm 47. Without surprise, when I was young I played a lot with Lego. It was the epoch of the very first Technic models, and I had the tractor #851, which I liked very much.

A few years ago, I had the curiosity to search on the web what were the current Lego models, and it was a great surprise for me to discover all these modern technic sets. Some of them were so beautiful! I left my dark ages with the front loader 8265, which impressed me a lot. Since then, each year I buy one or two models, mainly the flagship Technic sets, and sometimes other themes too (Creator or Star Wars), if I like them.

It's always a great pleasure to build and admire these sets.

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Lots of French people joining recently. :tongue:

Welcome, Jean-Charles! I'm sure you won't be disappointed with next year's Technic sets. :thumbup:

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