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[MOC] Tribute to the Black Falcon's Fortress

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Currently still on my wishlist, the 1986 Black Falcon's Fortress is one of those sets that was re-released for a reason: it's simple but epic. Therefore, I built a small castle for these cool and mysterious guys that surely would make them feel right at home.


Overview shot of the fortress, located on a small peninsula.


Two guards stand.. well.. guard, at the main gate as a patrol party returns to the castle. For one of the guards, this means relief from his duty and off to dinner!


The courtyard has stables for some horses and a walkway along the battlements accesible via a door in the keep.


There's also a trap door with a staircase underneath...


..that leads to a hidden door at the rear of the castle where one could moor a small boat.


The rear of the castle with de hidden door clearly visible (heh :sceptic: )


The keep opens up, as a play feature..

dscf4627_.jpg does the roof of the armory


I'm really happy with the composition of the castle, it's really compact and I find it visually pleasing.

More pictures in the Brickshelf folder here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=541898

On behalf of the Black Falcons, thanks for viewing, and don't tell anyone about the hidden passageway!

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I really like the feel of this castle! The cliff-side look is excellent!

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Epic and nostalgic are the most suitable words for the MOC. I've been collecting LEGO sets for more than 25 years now and I really mean those compliments. Keep on building!

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This is excellent! I love the play features and the little fireplace is great. The Black Falcons would be proud. Keep up the great work!

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