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Hey everyone,

Im looking for insight and advice from others regarding the lego track switches. I have successfully modified one, removed the long extension or switched rail. I found a tutorial on how to modify stock switches and was able to do so.

The question is will I encounter problems running my 8 wide, attatched/fixed coupler and stairs, r-104 (ME Models largest radius turn track) through this modified switch setup. I have heard from other train modeling groups that they have to make longer switches to accomidate fixed coupler trains. I am under the idea that since i romed the majority of the curved part from the switch I will be able to attach a wide diameter turning rail in its place and not have the coupler detach from the car. I apologize if this may sound confusing. I am in the process of setting up/designing my trains for the holiday and do not want to waste time and switches if it is not able to be done. I would test it myself by now if I had access to setting it up already. Besides I figure others may have had a similar question since there have been recent discussion regarding the building of custom switches.

Thanks as always in advance!

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I don't have any R-104 to test as I went with some smaller curve sizes instead from ME.

However, having a set of cut Lego switches with the HORRIBLE geometry corrected is not a bad deal. Makes a lot of things possible that were not before.

I appreciate the switches since modifying them and they make placement much easier.

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thank you for the response. i too have noticed the wider variety of track setups by modifying the switches and getting rid of that awkwardly lengthened extension. i have a large collection of enlighten knock off switches and am planning to modify them as test subjects. if anyone has advice for working with abs plastic, melting it down and then reshaping it or using it to bond parts instead of epoxy, please advise.

thanks to all that have atleast checked out my post.

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