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It was that time of the year again, when most of Eubric prepared to celebrate Grogmas, the festival of generosity and warmth in the middle of winter. It originated from Baltarok, out of all places, where there used to live a tribal chieftain called Grog the Red, who was renown for giving exuberant gifts to his tribe once a year. His life was cut short by a jealous rival, but his legacy lingered on. Orcish slaves spread the tradition all over northern Olegaia, and in the spirit of Father Grogmas, people started exchanging gifts with their nearest and dearest every year near the winter solstice. That was the case in Heroica, as well.


~ All players can suggest gifts to give to their fellow player's characters. The gifts can be pre-existing items (like consumables or equipment), or something made up. Please think what would be fitting for the player character in question.

~ You can suggest gifts for multiple characters, but only one gift per player character. You naturally cannot suggest gifts for yourself, nor use this topic to ask others for something.

~ The best and the most fitting gifts will be selected by the Game Manager, so that everyone who got suggestions will get one gift.

~ You have up until the 20th of December to send your suggestions. The chosen gifts will be revealed during the Christmas Grogmas holidays.

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I will add to this as I come up with clever and entertaining Items

Bobby Bucks Jr. -Nose Ring of Epic Communication. Accessory

When activated (must be equipped and its intended use stated, not usable in Combat)

1. Wearer is clearly understood by anyone or anything he is speaking to, or

2. Gives the user to ability to deal the Confused effect to anyone or anything he is speaking to.

Lind Whisperer - Shield of the Lamb, May the power of the Flock Protect you,

Shield SP 4, Usable by Lind Whisperer Only.

If the bearer rolls a Shield while having the Shield of the Lamb Equipped it summons a Protective Lamb. This lamb can be placed in the battle order to absorb ONE free hit during battle. Alternatively, the lamb can be fed to a Dragoon's dragon to heal it by 20 Points. Summoned Lambs will follow the bearer of the Shield until they are sacrificed or the quest is complete.

Annienal Anavir - Helm of the Truest Heart, SP 3 Headwear, SP increases by 1 for every Knight Specific Artefact/Weapon equipped by the wearer. Usable by Anneal Only.

Terry Yelnats - The Hero's Backbone, Cowardice is a choice. SP3 Backwear, Grants the reinforced effect at the start of the battle IF the hero begins and stays in the front row for three rounds. If the character is KO or moves to the back row before three rounds have passed the effect is lost. Suitable for Terry Only.

Keliim Demon Sworn-Scholar's Glasses, SP 2 Accessory, Thick black rimmed spectacles that allow the wearer to pass as an intellectual among polite society. "No one will ever mistake you for a club wielding savage wearing these babies. guaranteed" Suitable for Barbarians only.

Warlen- Wizard's Traveling Hat of Quick Reading, ​Headwear SP1, A large brimmed, floppy topped hat, with a clip designed to hold a scroll. When not in battle the spell caster may temporarily attach a single scroll to the brim of the hat. This frees his hands to allow him to both cast a scroll and perform a regular action during a single round.

Miderun- Pouch of 6 Dragons Teeth. Each tooth has one use, when planted in the ground during battle each tooth will grow into a skeleton with 30 hit points, 0 SP, and damage equal to 2X the level of player who planted it. It will remain under the control of the planter until it is destroyed or the battle ends, at which time it will crumble to dust. Consumable

Throlar- Boots of the Chain Gang, Sometimes you are your brother's keeper. Sp 2 Footwear, Wearable by two party members, does not count for the artifact total of the second character. Must be equipped at the start of a quest and may not be removed until returning to the hall. When equipped the two character must remain by one another's side. Neither may wander off on their own.

Monk Pretzal- Sheharezad's Hot and Spicey Pub Mustard.​ When eaten with a pretzel it allows the effects of the pretzel to last through two battles instead of only one. Consumable.

Sorrow- Soul's Last Embrace, Accessory, At the cost of 15 Health a Necromancer may choose to treat and Amplified Hit (2) as a Shield (1) Raise Army roll. Usable by Necromancers Only.

Althior Emorith, Divine Circlet. Blessed is he who serves the gods. This glowing band of crystal absorbs Holy and Light damage, but converts it to Ether instead of Health. Headwear, usable by Cleric based classes Only.

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Dear Father Grogmas,

You don't actually exist.

Nevertheless, here's my (Lind's) List of Grogmas Gift Suggestions:

Annienal Anavir (Kintobor): Dictionary (Grants Glossolalia job trait, accessory.)

Arthur Zeigfried(Flipz): Shining Polish (SP +2 to one shield or armor upon use.)

Bobby "Young" Bucks Jr.(Zepher): Cool Shades (1/6 chance of Encoraged for each battle, headgear.)

Boris Bruhalv (Waterbrick Down): Toothpick: WP: 5, deals Bleeding 5, spear.

Calamity (Scubacarrot): Begone With the Winds: (Book, grants the Weather Mage job class)

Guts Holla (Scubacarrot): Crown of the Worthy Opponent: (Wearer is Reinforced, headgear.)

Heckz Brutenhal(Cutcobra): Mirror Mirror: (If the bearer is the most beautiful person in the battle, they are Inspired and Reinforced. If they aren't, they are Afraid and Weakened. QM Discretion)

Jinnipher Buchaire(JimButcher): Grating Stone: (When applied, raises WP by 1)

Karie Alderflask (Kintobor): Demonic Dirge: (Causes dark-elemental damage equal to the minstrel's level to all enemies instantly. Costs 2 ether per damage enemy, battle song.)

Karl (bionicle_fanatic): Smiley Face Mask: (Grants Diplomacy job trait.)

Kheyli (K-Nut): Bucket of Buffalo Wings: (+2 Health)

Kiray Nastayo (KingoftheZempk)

Matthias (nstickney): Stilts: (Grants either Hastened or Confused(For first three rounds), footwear.)

Mhinak(Goliath): Writ Of Name Change (A petition to the Eubric Authorities, allowing one to change one's name. :tongue: Alternatively, can be used for +1 Rep with any one of the 6 Major Houses.)

Monk Pretzel (Palathadric): Dictionary (Grants Glossolalia job trait, accessory.)

Petaldan Parfenius (Palathadric): Magic Compass: (Allows the user to know the right direction to go.)

Purpeal Berthadhiell(Purpearljellyblob): Charisian Tea Set (Grants the Diplomacy job trait and 1/6 chance of being Inspired for each battle, accessory.)

Quintessa of Heartland(Sandy): Heartland Guard Pauldrons: (SP: 3, All enemies that Free Hit or Damage the hero become automatically Enamored with them, headwear, suitable for anyone.)

Siercon (Siercon and Coral): Shackles of War(Prevents anyone from leaving the battle, accessory.)

Skrall(Waterbrick Down): Molding of Tarok's Mask: (SP:1, Said to be made using a true casting of the deity's mask, the wearer has 1/2 chance of being Encouraged after successful attacks, and deals double damage towards all races that would enslave orcs, headgear)

Sorrow (Endgame): Lady Luck's Veil: (Makes the user appear to be a beautiful, young, live woman, headwear.)

Terry Yelnats (Endgame): Geode: (This chunky rock contains a gem inside it.)(Gem will be determined by random number generation, from 1-9.)

Thalion Dwinlas (-obelix-): Rich Charisian Wine: (User is Lucky, Inspired, Encouraged, and Transcended, consumable.)

Throlar Wineghilm(Lord Duvors): Letter of Introduction from the Dwarves of Titaan, to the Burghers of Eubric (Grants +1 Faction Rep with any one of the 6 Major Houses)

Torald Waruelf (Alfadas): Phoenix Incense ( :tongue:)

Vindsval Half-born (Asphalt): Mysterious Package: (?,?)

(Sandy's Eyes Only!)

Mysterious Mechanical Arm: x2 damage against all enemies, except Aquatic, cannot be de-equipped. Every roll against an Aquatic enemy has a 1/3 chance of short-circuiting the arm's systems and Jinxing the hero, handwear)

Brew of the Wanderer: (A rich, tribal brew, the ingredients of which are very hard to attain. When drunk, the consumer goes into a long trance, emerging out of it +8 ether, and Encouraged, Inspired, and speaking in tongues for the rest of the quest. (Glossolalia job trait.) )

Warlen Melimane (The Chosen Minifigure): Beholder's Eye

Dr. Windus (Windusky): Map of Olegia( :tongue:): (Allows the user to know the right direction to go.)

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I'll add more when I think of it.

Althior Emorith: Zoot's Seal of the Necromancer Prophet: SP: 5 Allows switching between Necromancer and prophet at will. Headwear, suitable to Althior Emorith only.

Sorrow: Ether core - To jump on a bandwagon that was before my time.

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Karie sits down with a cup of yuletide spirit as she begins penning her list to old Father Grogmas.

Dear Grog the Red. I haven't done this... ever, so this is may be a little sloppy in executio pacing, so forgive me for that. I also find myself hating more people than I usually do, so please forgive me if things get a little irate. Okay, here we go.

For Arthur, who never seems to be around, I figured you're lugging enough armour and stuff around so have a Bright Polish. I know you're going all armour and stuff so maybe it'd help.

For Sorrow, my only direct living family (that I know of), a set of Robes of the Archmagi, seeing how you've gone all necromancer and stuff, which is cool.

For Jinnipher, the prospective lover, I'd like something for both her and her lover boy, perhaps a Shackles of War, wink wink, nudge nudge.

For Calamity, something for her to repent for her devilish ways, perhaps something along the lines of a Demon Repellant so that she can begin murdering demons instead of worshipping them.

For Lawrence, because old habits die hard, a Syndicate Cowl, (SP: 2, provides immunity to the Doomed effect. Headwear.)

For Lind Whisper, a new Trickster's Mask of the Elf. Make of it what though will.

For Dyric Rone, a boot to the head.

For Em, a Glass Eyeball (consumable, when consumed, the user can permanently see the stats of enemies before combat begins, usable by Em), mainly because I hate seeing him running around all mopey and depressed and he needs to stop wearing that garish eyepatch.

For Skrall, a grating stone, hopefully as a sign that I get what he did back in Moone and although I was pissed off I totally understand the position you were in and I'm sorry for being angry with you and not saying it to your face.

For Monk Pretzel, a new buddy of mine, I'd love to see you get some Demon Repellant for when you do finally come across some big old nasty demon and you can just shoo it away.

Karie looked at her work and began tapping her pen on the page as she realized something.

"Why has it never occurred to me that almost all of my friends are men?"

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Like Asphalt, I'll add more to this list later.

For Vindsval Half-Born: Mechanical Arm (WP x2, wearer cannot be disarmed, artifact cannot be de-equipped during battle; handwear, suitable for Vindsval only)

For Hoke Ablesword: Shadeaux Cape (SP:1; suitable to those with reputation among the Shadeaux only; if reputation is great, SP is doubled; if reputation is outstanding, SP is tripled; backwear)

For Purpearl Berthadhiell: Coat Hanger (Allows wearing a second bodywear artifact regardless of the amount limit for artifacts; accessory)

For Hybros: Impish Gauntlets (SP:3, wearer is immune to Free Hits from Dark- and Demon-type enemies; handwear, suitable for Hybros only)

For Cronk: Hinckwell Shield (SP:3, makes user permanently lucky; suitable to those with an outstanding reputation with the Hinckwells only; shield)

For Nyx: Book of a Thousand Creatures Errata (spell item, allows the user to summon Edgar (see: Book of a Thousand Creatures) in-battle or out of battle at the cost of 10 Ether; usable by owners of the Book of a Thousand Creatures only)

For Thormanil Nihai: Shadeaux Cape (SP:1; suitable to those with reputation among the Shadeaux only; if reputation is great, SP is doubled; if reputation is outstanding, SP is tripled; backwear)

For Ellaria Arbour: Alchemist's Cheatsheet (1/3 chance to make two of the same Mixture on rolls of Shield, accessory, suitable to Alchemists)

For Sorrow: Bone Gloves (thrown bones and Ancient Bones deal damage equal to the wearer's level in addition to their normal effect; handwear, suitable to undead only)

For Zora Felix: Boots of Evasion (Wearer takes half damage in front row; footwear, suitable for anyone)

For Vipera: Dastanese Pearl (Grants permanent immunity to hexed, confused, enamored, afraid, and enraged when used on a dragon companion, consumable)

For Thalion Dwinlas: Blue Hand Shield (SP:5, grants immunity to five effects of the user’s choice; these immunities cannot be changed once selected; shield)

For Atramor Gibbin: Ultraviolet Blade (WP:30, dual strike; first strike is fire-elemental, second strike ice-elemental; gems cannot be merged into or removed from the weapon; longsword)

For Lawrence Boomingham: Crimson Haze (Causes a weapon to deal the poisoned by 7 and cursed effects permanently)

For Kiray Nastayo: Wolfish Boots (SP:1, multiplied by number of characters in party with Wolfgang reputation; footwear, suitable only for those with Wolfgang reputation)

For Warlen Melimane: Lens of Speed-Reading (allows a scroll to be read in addition to a normal action; accessory, suitable for scroll users)

For Karie Alderflask: Portable Vibrataphone (tool, allows the user to record one Battle Song of their choice, which cannot be changed; the chosen song may be performed up to three times per Quest at no Ether cost, usable by Minstrels only)

For Skrall: Trigger-link Gauntlet (allows the user to comfortably wield two crossbows at once, combining their WP, elements, and effects into one attack; handwear, suitable for characters with enormous hands)

For Dyric Rone: Quiver of Blinding Light (Attacks deal Blinded; can only be used with a bow or a crossbow; Backwear)

For William Harkenshire: Wristguards of the Wrathful Warden (SP:2, SHIELD applies an Aggressive Aura to the targeted enemy instead of the Warden, causing the enemy to draw in all attacks and negative effects (including the enemies' attacks) until the end of the next Round; handwear, suitable to Wardens only)

For Heckz Brutenall: Ethereal Make-up Kit (spell item; removes all negative effects and grants Immune to Negative Effects for one round at the cost of 15 Ether, usable once per battle)

EDIT: Repeating suggestions made in later posts for Sandy convenience:

For Lind Whisperer: Dragon Egg (The user's job traits are replaced with those of a Dragoon: Diplomacy, Pet Dragon, and Dragon Tamer; accessory, soul-bound, unsuitable to politicians and classes that wield shields)

For Throlar: Amulet of Elven Loyalty (wearer is considered an Elf in addition to their original race and gains +5 WP and +5 HP for every Elf in the party; accessory, suitable to Throlar only)

For En Sabah Nur: Ethereal Heart (wearer adds half of their Ether count (rounded down) to their max HP; accessory, suitable to original Mages and Clerics whose current class does not use Ether)

For Germ: Shroud of Solitude (SP:2, absorbs Darkness, wearer is Encouraged and Inspired if they are the only standing party member; backwear, suitable to Germ only)

For Matthias: Diadem of the Diminutive Druid (immune to Minimized, wearer can choose to heal an ally in addition to making an attack [both actions use the same roll]; headwear, suitable to short druids)

For Guts Holla: Hip Flask (allows the user to slot in a consumable, letting them use it while still taking a normal action [see: Hollow Blade weapons]; accessory, suitable to alcohol connoisseurs)

For Sarge: Adamantite (An exceedingly rare metal that can be forged into weapons and shields, adding 25 WP or SP, respectively.)

For Erik Tyvarr: Great Force (doubles all damage given and taken; accessory, suitable for everyone)

For Eric: Generosity Wallet (all allies gain half as much gold when the wearer steals gold, this does not reduce the amount of gold stolen; accessory, suitable to gold-gaining classes)

For Pretzel: Dice Bag of Fortune (tool; when used on an enemy, causes their loot rolls to be rolled twice if KO'd within three rounds)

For Em: Wristguards of the Wrathful Warden (SP:2, SHIELD applies an Aggressive Aura to the targeted enemy instead of the Warden, causing the enemy to draw in all attacks and negative effects (including the enemies' attacks) until the end of the next Round; handwear, suitable to Wardens only)

For Sylph: Nature's Cloak (Wearer is Blessed and Inspired during *Lush* weather, has 1/6 chance to change weather to *lush* at the start of battle, if equipped, backwear)

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I'll add more as well.

For Vindsval, Tridentian Honor Cloak (SP: 5, Ether +2, backwear).

For Warlen, A Laughtrack (Has a 1/6 chance each battle to grant the user the Inspired effect; weapon enhancement).

For Nerwen, Angel's boots (SP: 4, grants the Blessed, and Transcended effects; immunity to Doomed; footwear).

For Na'im, Kin's Guard Cape (SP: 2, +1 SP for each Fenari in the party)

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For Bobby Young Bucks, Totally Dope Hair Gel (Permanent +3 Power when used, consumable)

For Annienal Anavir, Tome of Rejection (Holder is immune to enamored, wearer is encouraged and lucky when enamored is dealt to them, accessory)

For Vindsval Half-Born, Cloak of the Wanderers (Wearer is blessed whenever attacking, backwear)

For Warlen Melimane, Skull Bomb (Deals 50 fire and darkness damage and the confused and stunned effects to all enemies when thrown)

For Na'im Thamir, Fenarian Fedora (+5 max health, +5 max ether, headwear, suitable for fenarians)

For Kiray Nastayo, Wolfhead Aegis (SP: 5, deals the afraid-effect whenever the user takes damage, shield, suitable for anyone with Wolfgang reputation)

Murdigh Grogmas, tan iiv ei canz ev olag.

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To Father Grogmas,

I have many people I would be proud to call friends, and some not so proud. To each of them I wish to assist their, well, place in the world. Here are a couple of recommendations.

To Vindsval, one of the wisest people I know-Weaponised Arm (when not in battle, the user can attach a weapon to this left arm. The weapon deals the Bleeding 1 effect while attached in this way. Handwear, suitable to people missing a left arm).

To Lind, to shut you up-Gag of Silence (the wearer can only speak up to 5 words per round of battle. For each word left over from their total, +1 power is added to their attack for that round. The Gag cannot be removed during battle. Headwear, suitable for Lind Whisperer).

To Annie, despite what the future may or may not hold for us-Ring of Hopefully True Love (The wearer is immune to the Enamoured effect and Fire damage. +3 Ether. Accessory, suitable for Annienal Anavir).

To Miderun, keep fighting the good fight-Sword of Liberation (WP:13, holder is Blessed. Suitable for Miderun).

To Sirecon, the mystery man-Glasses of Clarity (Wearer is immune to Blinded, and Light damage. Accessory).

To Arthur, sorry I haven't found anything decent yet-Bright Polish.

To Karie, thanks for the talks-Amulet of Aid (once per battle, wearer is resurrected to full health, accessory).

To Throlar, a.k.a. grumpy dwarf-Grumpy Mask (SP:3, all attacks deal the Afraid effect, headwear).


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Dear Father Grogmas,

Life has taught me that there are few instances of impossibilities and it might just be that your existence is just highly improbable. Nevertheless: I have met some real nice people during my short career as a hero and many of them are truly colourful individuals. I would like them to have something special for grogmas!

Post scriptum: Please bring us all some egg-nog, Toralds may have to be somewhat spiked...

To Torald Waruelf, Loincloth of waning soberness (SP 2, Wearer is immune to light damage, Wearer can choose to spend one turn to rummage through the loincloth looking for a drink: Has a 1/6 chance of adding one Mead to the wearers inventory, accessory, suitable for Torald Waruelf only)

To Kheyli, Ornate wooden puzzle box , grants the wearer immunity to wooden damage. Can be picked up from the inventory and be toyed with any time granting a health bonus equal to players current power bonus against plants. Accessory, suitable for Kheyli only.

To Boris Bruhalv, bag of sunscreen salve . Contains 5 rounds of application. Grants absorption to light damage for the duration of one battle.

To Terry Yelnats, Cloak of Self-Confidence , SP 2. Makes you feel like a born leader, at the start of battle: 1/3 to grant encouraged for three turns. Backwear, suitable for Terry only.

To Paladin Petaldan Parfenius, Gloves of Boyish Wonders SP 2, Wearer is immune to stunned, bound and petrified. Hamdwear, suitable to Petaldan only.

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Father Grogmas,

I remember when the kids would write to ya way back when, feelin' a bit lonesome this season so figured I'd write ya one of these letters, seein' how many good people I've met here.

For En Sabah Nur, Totem of Preparation (The user may choose to enter battle in Beast Form, Accessory, suitable for Beast Warriors), may he learn to control his new found power or whatever it is ailin' him.

For Hoke Ablesword, Suspension Saddle (After a Dragon's Wrath, the user becomes Hastened, Accessory, suitable for Dragoons), may he always be prepared to face whatever foolish foe faces him.

For Dyric Rone, Quiver of Blinding Light (Attacks deal Blinded; can only be used with a bow or a crossbow; Backwear), may his quarry always fear the Assassin of Light

For Althior Emorith, Magic Shovel (Will always find something when used, limited to three uses per quest, Tool), may his holes always yield bountiful results.

For Arthur Justus Regulus VII, Dressage Saddle (After a Dragon's Wrath, the user becomes Encouraged, Accessory, suitable for Dragoons), may his friendships with both men and beasts be a shinin' light of hope to those around him.

For Atramor Gibbon, Never Empty Bottle (Provides one Mead every quest, Tool), may he always be surrounded by fine friends and fine refreshments.

For Lawrence Boomingham, Orcish Tower Shield (SP: 10, +10 SP to Party Members before and after hero in battle order), may he learn that time can heal many wounds.

For Ellaria Arbour, Safety Goggles (Immunity to AoE Damage occurring on Allies' rolls, Headwear), may her courage blossom even more in the face of the new year to come.

For Karie Alderflask-Cour, Serene Strain (Removes negative effects from the rest of the Party, costs 2 ether per negative effect removed, Battle Song), may she find peace in all the business of all the changes of life.

For Hybros, Amulet of the Primeval Underground (Avoids free hits from Ancient Monsters and does double damage vs. Ancient Monsters, Accessory), may he find a home on the surface as comfortin' as the one he left behind.

See to it that Scheherazade also gets some time off to spend with her son this year, would ya?


- Skrall

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Jebediahs' Gifts:

To Nyx: Ring of W (Grants all attacks the ability to cause the Weakened effect. Additionally, when the wearer takes a turn to shout 'W!' followed by shouts of 'R', 'E', & 'N' in that order during the same round of combat, the ring wearers summon Wren for the rest of the quest, Accessory )

To Cronk: Ring of R (The wearer is permanently Reinforced. Additionally, when the wearer takes a turn to shout 'R!' after a shout of 'W' followed by shouts of 'E' & 'N' in that order during the same round of combat, the ring wearers summon Wren for the rest of the quest, Accessory )

To Haldor: Ring of E (Attacks have a 1/3 chance to cause the Encouraged, Enamored or Enraged effect to target. Additionally, when the wearer takes a turn to shout 'E!' preceded by shouts of 'W' then 'R' and followed by a shout of 'N' in that order during the same round of combat, the ring wearers summon Wren for the rest of the quest, Accessory )

To Tarn: Ring of N (Wearer is permanently Nimble. Additionally, when the wearer takes a turn to shout 'N!' preceded by shouts of 'W' then 'R' then 'E' in that order during the same round of combat, the ring wearers summon Wren for the rest of the quest, Accessory )

  • Wren (played by Zepher)

Nur's gifts for The Followers:

Kiray Nastayo: Generous Coffer (Magically triples the amount of gold generated from gold earning attacks and automatically distributes 25% rounded up to the rest of the party members as evenly as possible beginning with the member listed next in the order of actions, suitable for Wolfgang Followers, Accessory )

Skrall: Gentleman's Collar (Grants +20 to level when in Beast Form, suitable for Beast Warriors, Accessory )


"The following Heroes are in need of supplies to aid in my Master's protection during the upcoming Quest #144: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword."

Alfred's Gifts:

Ellaria Arbour: Everlasting Venom (Adds the poisoned by 10-effect to one weapon permanently)

Nerwen Calmacil: Phoenix Incense (Revives all knocked out party members to full health during a battle.)

Skrall: Raw Meat (Max. health +5 when consumed.)

Thalion Dwindles: Phoenix Incense (Revives all knocked out party members to full health during a battle.)

EDIT: Added incomplete ideas here...

Gifts from the gods gifted to random players as a second Grogmas Gift!:

The Ebb - Weather change or something. Does something negative if separated from The Tide, Artifact Slot

The Tide - Does something. Does something negative if separated from The Ebb, Artifact Slot


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A small note, written in a terribly correct hand, reaches Father Grogmas. It seems more like a shipping manifest than a wishlist.

Keliim the Cruel.

Ironwood Club. A large piece of a rare grey tree, it seems less carved from a chunk of wood, than found and then merely improved. The grip is wound with red leather. The weapon's power is 14, and has a 1/6 chance to petrify the target. Club.

Nerwen Calmcacil.

Wind Thief Earring. A tiny, intricately carved wooden figurine of a ship, dyed grey and silver, on a silver pin. The wearer is Nimble, and immune to being Confused. Headwear.

Dyric Rone

Armour of the Royal Assassin. A supple black dragon-leather chestpiece, studded with rings of Darksteel and plates of stained silver for added protection. Surprisingly light despite it's protection. Grants 11 defense and grants the wielder immunity from all AoE damage send towards the party. Bodywear.

Hoke Ablesword

Spellcaster's Battle Regalia. A light metal chestpiece that is integrated in a colorful robe. The fabric is dark red from one angle, and rich purple from another. Grants 10 defense, and if an enemy is hit by a spell they are immune to, they are instead hit by a normal weapon hit. Bodywear.


Renegade's Belt. A gold- and silver-thread decorated sash of a thick dark weave, with a golden buckle engraved with two golden eyes. Attached are two adjustable sheaths meant for a Marauder's dual weapons. Grants an extra two free actions in the first round of combat. Accessory.

Lind Whisperer

Soap. Coarse soap that will clean, and redden the skin for days afterward. Restores full Health when consumed, but poisons them for 5. Consumable. Why would you consume it.

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To Arthur: something to light the path ahead and keep the Darkness at bay.

Diamond Radiance Lantern (Accessory, Suitable for All): Undead and Dark Enemies are Weakened

To Skrall: something to assist on the hunt.

Hunter's Horn (Accessory, Suitable for Ranged Classes): Targeted enemies receive 25% more damage on successive hits.

To Lawrence Boomingham: something every king should wear.

Commander's Crown (Headwear, Suitable for Lawrence Boomingham): The wearer is Reinforced if he acts first in the Battle Order. If the wearer is KO'd the rest of the Party is Inspired until the wearer is Revived.

To Guts: something to liven up those dance moves.

Elegant Sash (Accessory, Suitable for Rogues): Wearer is Nimble after being affected by rolling Damage/Special Damage.

To Atramor: something to turn your enemies into friends.

Enhanced Decamodifier (Tool): Transforms an enemy with a third or less health left into a Decamon card when used, if there is a corresponding card. The monster will not drop anything if it is modified.

To Nerwen: something to honor your heritage.

Elven Melody (Song, Suitable for Minstrels): Removes Negative Effects from the Party. Costs 2 ether per ally affected.

To Hybros: something to celebrate freedom.

Phoenix Emblem (Accessory, Suitable for All): Prevents KO by Damage/Special Damage. Good 1 time per Battle.

To Thormanil: something for your dragon.

Jeweled Collar (Accessory, Suitable for Dragoons): May be imbued with 1 gem which cannot be removed. Dragon deals damage (along with its natural element) and is immune to that element.

To Purpearl: something to expand your abilities.

Prismatic Focus (Accessory, Suitable for Ether based classes): Wearer can cast spells with 2 gems at the same time for double the ether.

(more to come)

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Written in fine writing on a piece of parchment.

~Don´t knowst who ye be or wouldst I beleive in ye. But these oan thes list wouldst deserve a wee gift for fine commitment.~


Ring of Life (Silver ring, won´t grant eternal life but close. (but that is not a problem for Boris) When used grants a +5 max health bonus, Poison resistment and also regains health in Battle. Accessory, suitable for anyone.)


Boots of the coward (White leather boots made of the oldest white dragons. SP 3, When rolling a SPECIAL has a 1/2 to Grant the user Hasten and Encourage. Also may flee battle without using any fleeing items. Footwear, suitable only for Terry and lower armor classes, like Magic user etc)


Necklace of the Gothic queen (Black satin necklace with a silver pendant with a diamond imbued. Make the user enamored with demons/dark enemies, will also grant +3 to attack and ether if dark beings in battle. Accessory, suitable only for Calamity and the gem can not be removed)


Heavy helmet of arrogantness (Big spartan styled helmet. SP 8, Immune to all other negative effects but Cursed and will make the wearer Cursed. Headwear suitable for Heavy armor class users like Barbarians, Knights etc)


The Shield of the Ancient (Big, heavy and fancy shield, will look good beside the user if he/she is capable to lift it, if nothing else it is big enough to hide behind if doesn´t wanna be noticed by others. SP 6, Magic Resistment. Shield suitable for those who bear shields)


The Badge of the Ambassador ("Talkin' is ye thin'" The user can talk his way out of anything, boosts it´s way towards a DIPLOMACY skill class. In battle 1/2 to cause foes to get enamored with the user. Accessory suitable for Throlar.)


The Dong (Magical wand, "Pain is my game" Physical damage only do 1/2 damage. +2 to ether. In battle Has a 1/3 chance of making the user, Encouraged, Inspired, Lucky or Nimble. But may poison the user. Accessory. Only suitable for Heckz (obviously :sick:)


Mechanical arm of the Jack of all trades. (Robotic left arm to make up for the lose of his real arm. Grants the user the use of all Ranges of weapon forms from all Classes in the game and there is no penalty for changing weapon in battle. 1/2 chance to make the user Hastened. Suitable only for Vindsval.


Grotesk halberd (Nativespear inplanted with a Charion beetlehorn, to make a heavy, primitive but deadly halberd. WP 10, Causes the Bleeding +5)

:grin: :wink:

AND 1000 Gold for everybody else :tongue:


Some more:


Rubber band shuriken from Helvetica (WP 1. Looks like a regular ninja star but when thrown will be set on fire that BURN +1 the target, burning stack. Will be magically returned to the thrower everytime. Suitabel only for Demon Germ.)

Edited by Mencot

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Crone's gifts for possible future quest mates!

To Cree - Speed Cape - Gives permanent hastened, nimble, and dodgy (see quest 104)

To Dr. Windus - Zironica

To Quintessa of heartland - Candycane of DOOM - Gives the doomed effect, or can deal 90 damage. Breaks after 6 uses.

To Terry - Cowardly cape - Gives permanent hastened and the ability to flee.

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Game Manager Note: All suggestions that are "for everybody", ie. not to a specific player character, will be ignored. So save your breath with them. :tongue:

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To Heckz: Magical Hairbrush (permanently adds 2 SP to any headwear item)

To Warlen: Peaked Cap (makes the wearer Nimble and Hastened, SP: 1)

To Eric: Cupid's Tears (can be applied to a weapon like Venom; but deals the enamored- effect)

To Kheyli: Storm Essence (consumable, used in a battle, makes all the user's attacks lightning- elemental for the duration of the battle).

Edited by Dragonfire

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What is this? A list for Grogmas ... well I will fix the list. First, 1 Billion Gold to The Demon Germ. :devil_laugh: Next, well ...

Actaeon Artus =

Thick Skin (SP:1: the user is Reinforced at the start of the battle; bodywear; for Actaeon only)

Nalguz the Infinite =

Silk Thread (WP:10; attacks Slow the target; whip; for Nalguz only)

OoC: Can we give out stuff to inactive players?

Na'im Thamir =

Tyrant Statue (Increases the holder’s gold by 50% at the end of each quest)

Arthur Justus Regulus VII =

Constrated Bright Polish all the use of a regular Bright Polish but in a smaller bottle.

Boris Bruhalv =

Magic Sunscreen (SP:1; immune to Fire & Light unable to remove Ruby & Diamond; backwear)

En Sabah Nur = Is this the right name for this?

Gaia Gear (Add Earth-element to physical attacks, immune to Earth, accessory)

Eric (Khorne) =

Bag of the D (accessory, user is Encouraged and Inspired at the start of battle; for Eric only)

Hybros =

Sprit of Winged Warrior (an item that lets user become a Winged Warrior)

Kiray Nastayo =

Couragous Wolf Heart (accessory, user is Encouraged and Inspired at the start of battle; for Kiray only)

Lind Whisperer =

Wind Spitter's Deak of Cards (WP:10; Wind unable to remove Sapphire; triple damage to "Mobs"; throwing weapon; for Lind only and unable to change name of weapon)

Mhinak =

Show Gun (WP:10; damages all enemies from front row or stuns one enemy from back row for one round; hand cannon)

Miderun =

Wet Blanket (SP:1; absorb Fire, Water & Ice; headwear; for Miderun only)

Monk Pretzel =

Tasty Pretzel - 1/3 chance each of granting Lucky, Hastened and Encouraged-effects upon consumption for the duration of one battle.

Petaldan Parfenius =

Minsh Cap (SP:1: immune to Minimized; headwear)

Vindsval Half-born =

Mechanical Shild Arm (SP: 5; with Shovel and Pickaxe installed; shield; for Vindsval only)

Warlen Melimane =

Ungraded Quarion (accessory; absorb Dark & Fire; immune to Ice & Light unable to remove Opal & Diamond; also adds "Flee" to "Job Trait")

Atramor Gibbin =

Bird Caller (all Flying enemies are Enamored with user at the start of the battle; accessory)

Bobby "Young" Buck Jr. =

Confus Ring (all attacks cause Confuse for three rounds; accessory)

Calamity =

Demon Charm (all Demons / Dark enemies are Enamored with the user at the start of the battle; accessory)

Ezeran Yavarv =

Sneezing Demon (SP: 2; attacks have 1 in 3 chance to Slow target; bodywear; for Ezearn only)

Heckz Brutennal =

Grand Disenchantment of Heck (accessory; all free hits have 1 in 6 chance of hitting user; for Heckz only)

Keliim =

Demon Charm (all Demons / Dark enemies are Enamored with the user at the start of the battle; accessory)

Siercon = Is this the right name for this?

Dimming Gear (Adds Dark - element to physical attacks, immune to Dark, Accessory)

OoC: I don't worry, I hope I am not done. :shrug_oh_well: But, please let me know if I mess up the spelling on something one way or another.

Edited by samuraiturtle

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To Eric - Nordic Yeti fur cloak (Sp:9, causes the Weakened effect to anyone physically attacking the user)

To Boomingham - Geralt's Quickdraw scabbard (The user is Hastened for the first two rounds of a battle, Backwear)

To Heckz - Potion of Narcissism (Consumable, Permanently raises user's SP by 3 and keeps their appearance from being affected by combat )

To Monk Pretzel - Tyrant's signet ( Increases gold received from battles by 20% and allows the wearer to pass as a noble, accessory )

Edited by Pyrovisionary

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OoC: Will be updated if I have time.

To all these random people I barely know off, please know that, from the bottom of my heart, I am gifting you this so that I can get something in return. And also, I don't like seeing the hall as a freak show that doesn't have a dress code. Merry Grogmas. (I made this letter readable for a normal person as a personal gift of mine to all living things that read this. I still don't like this man, though. Merry Grogmas, Sheherazade.)

To Avalanche, I like you and maybe this will freeze all the lice in your fur, Winterbound Blade (WP:8; Ice elemental; Each succesful attack has a 1/6 chance to trigger an Avalanche (See Weather Mage) that costs no ether. Will not work on Hot and Dry weathers; Greatsword; Suitable to yetis, nords, norns and undead)

To Monk Pretzel, take these fashionable boots of mine that shine bright like a diamond, Greaves of Holy Ground (SP: 4; Whenever an Undead, Demon or Cursed enemy attacks the wielder, the weather is changed to Bright; Footwear)

To Karie Alderflask, all the makeup is bad for your skin, Makeup Removal Equipment (Removes the "Trying to Hard" negative effect; Consumable)

To Sorrow, I noticed you loved my gift last year so take this to have even more Ether Pores! Or Cores. Whatever. Core Polarity Shaper (Transforms all Ether Cores in the user's inventory to Health Cores, or vice-versa, depending on the user's choice; Consumable)

To Guy that I met once and is an acceptable looking person (Warlen Melimane), since you will obviously be my succesor when I take over Heroica/Eubric/The World after becoming immortal you need to start learning the ropes of fabulousness, Fabulous Cologne (Attacks cause Enamored and Enraged; accessory; suitable to good-looking people only)

To Throlar Wineghilm, maybe this will stop you from ruining people's clothes, Cloak of Anger (SP:6; Immune to Afraid; Wearer is permanently Enraged. Wearer deals and takes double damage while Enraged; Backwear; Suitable to people with a temper only)

To Lord Lawrence Boomingham, screw you, you get nothing.

To Purpearl Berthadhiell, hey boo, just wanted to remind you that I'm still single. Have this little minimal gift that is obviously not being sent to seduce you. Glittering Dress (The user's job traits are replaced with those of a Harlot; Promiscuity, Flee and Money Maker, suitable to women only)

To Jon "Sarge" McEncy, so you can stand up straight and on trend when talking back to me, Dread Pirate's Pegleg (SP:5; Successful attacks give the target one gold; Footwear; Suitable to Sarge only)

To Guy whose name starts with E (Eric), this is so that you can look even more stupid than how you do now. At least it looks nice with you "Feral Barbarin" kind of outfit. Sea Reaver's Helmet (SP:3; Immune to Water elemental attacks; Makes enemies that beg for mercy automatically Doomed; Headwear; Suitable to barbarians and cannoneers)

To Em, ...emm, I only remember that you are called em. And that you are quiet, too. Nothing sassy to read here.Silent Muffler (Ranged attacks remove all positive and negative effects from the target; accessory; suitable to classes with ranged attacks)

Edited by Cutcobra

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What I still have this thing. :devil_laugh: Well One Billion Gold to The Demon Germ make it 100 Billion Gold to The Demon Germ. :devil_laugh: What else can I change.

Dyric Rone = Is this the right name for this?

Shinning Gear (Adds Light - element to physical attacks, immune to Light, Accessory)

Ellaria Arbour =

Gold Bar - A bar of gold. Value: 50 gold

Jinnipher Burchaire = Is this the right name for this?

Arctic Gear (Adds Ice - element to physical attacks, immune to Ice, Accessory)

Kheyli =

Sprit of Winged Warrior (an item that lets user become a Winged Warrior)

Skrall =

Giant Turtle Shell (SP:3; absorbs Water; immune to Ice unable to remove Opal; backwear; for Skrall only)

Dr. Windus =

Crystalize Carbon Staff (WP:10; Light unable to remove Diamond; and will not take free hits from the undead; staff)

Quintess of Heartland =

Mechanic's Wrench (WP: 10; double damage to Mechanic enemies; club)

Throlar Wineghilm =

Elven Sprit (accessory; user can be mistaken as an "elf" or use "elf" items; for Throlar only)

Guts Holla =

Lilliput Knife (WP:10, wielder’s power is not reduced when under minimized-effect, dagger)

Matthias =

Miner's Hammer (WP: 10; double damage to Rock enemies; hammer)

Annienal Anavir =

Mage's Muffler (suitable for anyone, protects from sealed-effect, accessory)

Karie Alderflask-Cour =

Mage's Muffler (suitable for anyone, protects from sealed-effect, accessory)

Torald Waruelf =

Miner's Hammer (WP: 10; double damage to Rock enemies; hammer)

Purpearl Berthadhiell =

Silver Longsword (WP: 10; double value to vendors; longsword)

Thalion Dwinlas =

Silver Longsword (WP: 10; double value to vendors; longsword)

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