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Kodan Black

[O - H06] - Socializing

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Location: H06 Farmolis




I was working on some new hardware for our drones while ED-208 was getting a hip actuator replaced. It was a bit weird with him not being around but it turned out I wouldn't have to worry about being alone for too long. Our delightfully different CEO pombe called me to say that he needed me to attend a social gathering in his place. Apparently there was some urgent situation that had come up that he and Eshey needed to handle and he needed someone to attend this function.

The hosts were twins named Tomax and Xamot. They were throwing a party at their place and they said to come dressed how you would like. So I decided to go casual and swap out my usual helmet for a hat. I was a bit intimidated by all the fancy people at the party though. I also wasn't aware that showing up on time for a party isn't what you are supposed to do. When I arrived only a few other people were there and some entertainer was singing some songs I had never heard of. Once the party really got going I felt a bit nervous with all of the people and called it a night early. But I think despite not having talked to anyone all evening and mostly just people watching from the corners the party was a great success. I sent pombe a thank you card for giving me the chance to socialize on his behalf.



Note: This was my first try at brick build furniture, so any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated!

Extra Pics:





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I think the chairs look great but the green couch could be a two seater. I just can't tell, the colourful walls are they supposed to be books, wallpaper or something else?

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20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg Thank you again for attending this on my behalf. Eshey and I are currently dealing with a runaway Christmas tree. It was important to have an Octan presence at this gala hosted by Extensive Enterprises who we have an important business relationship with.

19795438993_a067f5bda7_t.jpg I am actually having ED-208's hip actuator replaced with a more robust version. Apparently, the previous hip actuator was not rated for the rigorous and sustained activity I put him through.


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Sweet interior. The pink and grey chairs are nice, but the green one I think ought to be a real couch.

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