LEGO The Defenders | Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

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What monstrous threat could bring together a wizard, a kung fu master, and an immortal valkyrie? The journey of the Defenders is about to begin.

I started developing this earlier in the year, and actually shot quite a bit of it before the summer. The Defenders was originally going to be one brickfilm, but as I started working on the script I realised it had the potential to be a series.

This is deliberately quite fun and comical, as the series is an homage primarily the original Defenders comics from the '60s that I had been reading at the time. They're quirky, full of mystical weirdnesses, and heavy on needless exposition, all of which I've tried to make fit in this series too (to varying degrees of success).

'Chapter II: Missing Statues' coming January 2nd.

Doctor Strange - Jack Rizzo
Iron Fist - Ryan Negron
Wong - Jack Rizzo
Dormammu - Jack Rizzo
Undying One - Jack Rizzo
Ultron - Jack Rizzo
AIM Scientist 1 - Lily Millar
AIM Scientist 2 - Aaron Good

Original score by Guy Commanderson.

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