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[SoNE Ep. X] Motivating the Troops

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MKJoshA and Kale wandered the halls of the Redemption. They had been introduced to other members of the Alliance, Wick Nole, Monty Python, Zaael, and Vedawoo to name a few. Josh had helped the Alliance as an intel office for many months, but had never been aboard the Redemption. He was struck by how many people here seemed happy. It was a huge difference compared to what he was used to seeing on Empire controlled planets.

They entered the hanger where everyone who was going to board the Suprosa were gathering to enter the drop ship. He was struck with the need to say something. He looked around and noticed an unused ladder and climbed up it.


“Can I have your attention!” Josh shouted. A couple heads turned toward him. “Can I have your attention please!” He shouted again. This time people stopped what they were doing and gathered around him.

“We are all about to board a ship, not knowing whether we will come back. Why are we doing this? Why are we risking our lives to try to stop the Empire?” Those listening started to look at each other wondering where this was going. But Josh continued, “We go because we believe there is a better life than that under the Empire! The Emperor has shown he’s not afraid to hurt those who have been entrusted to his care. There is no thought to what his people need, only to what will bring him more power! Those who serve him may think they are doing the right thing, but all they are doing is furthering injustice! We need rules, we need order, we need a leader; but we don’t need tyranny! We need a government who puts the needs of its beings ahead of any other goal. So let’s go over there and show the Empire that we won’t sit still while they take away our freedom, and the freedom of beings everywhere!”


The whole hanger erupted in applause. Josh felt that he had finally found purpose in what he was doing. He was part of the Rebel Alliance to get away from corrupt government officials. He was a part of the Alliance to help others get away from under the yoke of tyranny.


“Now,” Josh continued after the applause died down, “Vedawoo, we’ll need you to pilot the ship to get us all over there. Monty Python, you will need to set off a bomb to help clear our way into the right corridors. Wick Nole, clear the corridors of any enemy troops and see if you can hack into the Suprosa’s computers. Zaael, as soon as you can, break away and go after the computer core. As soon as you’ve retrieved it we’ll all meet back in the hanger and get back to the Redemption!”



With more bustle and commotion, the Rebels were on their way.

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Those are some very inspiring words, almost good enough to make me switch sides, almost :wink: , great entry MK, your rebels are putting quite a fight you know?

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I like that color scheme on the A-Wing and those are some interesting greebles on the wall. I think straightening and/or connecting the lbg parts would help it look more cohesive.

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