[MOD] 75039: V-Wing Starfighter

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This is a mod a did a while back. I liked the front of the ship so I modified it only a little bit, but I totally rebuild the back. The result is a little star warsy ship which I imagine to be very agile and fast. I like its shapes, it reminds me of a spear head.

I also created space for the astromech droid (in the original one only its head can be put on the ship). Originally I only wanted to re-use the bricks of the set but in the end I had to add some bricks from other sets (but only a few).

22627039184_77d212c945_b.jpgV_20151105_140659_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr

22959629380_d219ff8736_b.jpgV_20151105_140712_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr

22861317657_4d4200b6e3_z.jpgV_20151105_142102 by yatyrell, on Flickr

22861317747_322e777281_b.jpgV_20151105_142121_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr

22887527739_be2b60dea6_z.jpgV_20151105_142202_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr

22628364583_81d4c8dd53_z.jpgV_20151105_142234_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr

22627038774_3dbc0aebc5_b.jpgV_20151105_142255_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr

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