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Skull Scorpio Mods

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Skull Scorpio is an underrated set in my opinion. Sure it has its flaws but I really liked it. So I've come up with a few alternate designs that you can use to improve your Skull Scorpio set.

Gallery when public: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=560545

Here is an Lxf file of all the different builds. I will update with 2015 bionicle parts if/when LDD Updates. For now I just use replacements in the LDD version.


First are two different leg designs. One is more like the original and one is similar to LOSS. Both sets of legs have posability. These pictures also show off the new torso I made for Skull Scorpio.











Next are 3 different claw designs. One of them being the original just without the transparent orange. The third one was slightly inspired by TheDesuComplex




Next is two different shoulder designs. One with the arms out and one that brings the arms in close like the original set



Last up is the tail. I had a few alternate designs in mind until I came up with these four.

The first one is the original just modified to be a bit smaller.


The second one was inspired by LoganMcOwen's one


The third one is just a standard scorpion tail using the skull villain sword


The last one is my favorite. Its a slightly modified version of the one TheScorpionStrike did. Here is his video of how the tail function works

And the picture of my version


The final pic is how I have my Skull Scorpion displayed just without Pohutu's drained mask . I added that in for effect


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Some of the details of these mods are decent (particularly the addition of leg articulation and a few of the claw mods), but I just can't get behind the total removal of the Trans. Neon Orange on all of them. The orange accents on all the Skull Villains make their color schemes much more dynamic and help to unify them as a faction. Without it, Skull Scorpio in particular looks drab as heck.

The tail mods also don't appeal much to me, since his original function is pretty much the best function of all of the Skull Villains when it comes to pulling off masks, yet the only version where that function is preserved seems to shrink the tail to the point where it would barely be able to reach in front of him.

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I really like the things you did here, bringing in all sorts of different options on how to make this bad dude. Nice to see someone used my idea for the claws! That last tail design is wicked and something I will have to try for myself. But I do also have to say that, yes, he could use a bit of Tr. Neon Orange. In fact, I need to get around to putting some back on mine.

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So far, best and most faithful to original design. It really strucks me as positive that this envokes the style of the concept art and mixes the elements in similar way of the next years sets.

But like people have said, it needs some accent color.

The lack of new kind of "straight" Y-joint is much needed and this is an another proof of it.

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