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Hello everyone,

let me introduce my new MOC: 53m aerial ladder platform HK verison, it has 10 lego motor and Spray function is mainly used LEGO pump with the tanks is using Lego bricks, unique waterproof technology not only no need for tape or glue, each bricks can also be used for other purposes easy removed at any time,

my facebook page:

The video about this truck:










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It looks super nice! Ladder seems a bit on the heavy side though, but that's an OK compromise given the spectacular looks! Great job! :thumbup:

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Superb overall look and great functionality. My only gripe is that the outriggers stick out. Did you use some type of lining inside the brick water tank to make it waterproof? I would assume so since lego bricks aren't watertight. To improve the length of the waterstream you could put (or cut) a very short piece of pneupatic tubing constrict the tubing by placing two 1x2 plates on either side of the tubing in a 1 stud length. Hopefully this makes sense.

If you wanted more steady stream, you could use a small plastic water bottle as the water container and cut two holes in the cap. You would then stick one pneumatic tube through each hole One would be connected to your compressor and the other to your nozzle. There are many demonstrations of this on youtube.

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Very impressed with the double acting linear actuators! The model looks great and the water action is a great bonus!

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