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Winter Village: Stacyjkowo train station

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The idea for this MOC came, when my daughter built the set 40138 all by herself (she’s four). And then she asked those two questions – where’s the Santa and where is the train station to accompany the train. And so…


The assumtions were – a bulding with adjacent platform, some typical features for a train station, add some fair lamps, winter, to put it all together on a single 32x32 baseplate…

Let’s start from the very beginning – my train station does not try to compete with full scale sized models of train stations, but I tried to add some of the functionality into the design.


We have spacious, glazed waiting room with ticket office. The awaiting passengers can use the water dispenser or watch TV. All is illuminated by a fancy chandelier, which is first of the play features in the MOC – just like in the original Lego winter series. The light blocks are operated via the pushed mini dome on the top of the roof.

The roof itself is raised like in the modular buildings. As I feel a strange aversion towards doors, the station is closed by has roller shutters. Which of coursed are now raised.


The side wall is openable. The ornaments on the front and back windows are also removable.

What I am especially content are the pillars in the lobby. The came nicely profiled, and yet they do not take much space, which due to the baseplate limitations, scarce indeed. Although due to the technique incorporated, the pillars cost me almost all of my reddish brown jumper pieces supply.


On the side of the main building there is a small technical outhouse – with a small stove (not well photographed I’m afraid) and with another play feature – the working semaphore.

On the backyard we also have the garbage bin, switchboard and… ups – let us forget about the photo of this gentleman…

But a train station is no station without a train… Here it comes!

… nope, that is only the mini-model.


The building assumptions for the train were even more complex as for the building: it had to have the resemblance with the original Lego gift set, was to fit in the confined space – therefore it was modelled as a narrow gauge train (four studs wide tracks), had to have a gifts loaded car… and was supposed to move on its own.

As for the exterior resemblance, some changes had to be added – mainly in the drive system – due to the narrow space of the engine, which had to house the motor. Also details of the cabin with hearth and coal storage were added.

The initial trials of the engine were with the micro motor – they gave promising results, but after adding the piston, all collapsed as the engine had not enough power to operate such contraption. The small PF motor did not fit into the housing, so finally the choice fell on the old technic 9V motor. On account of the measurements, it had to be placed vertically, and the battery hold was hidden in the cargo car (you can see the cable running through the cabin into the doors in the coal storage).

Unfortunately the battery is most probably weak and the train moves very limply. After switching into more efficient power supply, the whole train spins. When I find more time, I will also make appropriate movie clip.

Also I will mention, that this is my first steam engine, not counting the one build in late 80ies from the set 7722.

There are also some Easter eggs hidden in the scene… Try to find them out!

Entire gallery, with all the features described that had to be sadly omitted directly, can be seen here: Flickr.

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Looks great! I like the way you have done the snowy roof and the trims above the windows.

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Awesome station and that train looks great! I also like the way you hung the chandolier.

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I like it a lot. Great colours, and a nice bell tower.

Best of luck, and keep clicking those bricks together!

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Arent kids just wonderful ! :laugh:

Ive gotten quite a few ideas from my sisters twins when MOC stuck, and they are only 5 years.

Your build has turned out just great, but your train is really above. I so love it. From that one picture it looks as if its very weel build and just looks awesome.

Great work here indeed ! :wub:

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