[MOC] Model Team Cadillac Eldorado

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Here's my new MOC, a Model Team Cadillac Eldorado.

I built the bottom of this (it's built upside-down) a year ago but put it aside because I couldn't get a studs-up chassis on it in a way that was solid and rigid enough to support the car. But now I finished it, and it's rigid:






Some pics with the top down:




And everything opens:




The bottom is built studs-down because I hate the look of tubes from the bottom of plates, and I wanted to add the necessary details to the bottom as well:


The yellow thing in this picture is to support it by the sides, because the roof isn't strong enough to support it upside down. I should try to fix that, but the main reason is that the front of the roof isn't attached to the windshield because of the convertible option:


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Just perfect...

Would love to see this on Lego Ideas (and it being approved and on shelves)...

Reminds me of SK's Christine, eventhough that one is a Plymouth Fury.

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Wow, thats so smooth... And on all sides even! Your tube-o-fobia sure spawned an amazing, well done model. Awesome idea with the drill piece for tranny too!

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I love Your works (all), this looks so whole, so fluffy... I would like to bite it! :classic:

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