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A Few Batman MOCs...

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I'm really not much of a builder, but I thought I'd show these, since I finally got around to taking pictures of them last night...

First, a bigger Batboat, with more room for sidekicks:




Next, a Batrocket-sled; I've never liked the very very fragile one included with the Batcave:




And finally, a kind of walker for Mr. Freeze...he's been bitter ever since he didn't get his own vehicle in the Batcave set.


That's it. If I get around to finishing my Batcave before my sons break it, I'll post pictures of that too.

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These are really nice kermit! the boat is very nice yet I dont really like the fins at the back though that is my only complaint.

The sledge is very smooth and sleek and I like the use of the ice walls for mr freeze's walker!

Your custom figures are also very nice! ;-)

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Thanks guys--I really need to delve more into these and make them the way I want them to really look. Maybe after I finish my Batcave.


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