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[M - B06] I Am The Turtle Pt. 2

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Location: B06 Sorn

Tags: Land Vehicle


22286311168_e82963d4e1_t.jpg - Great work finding and securing Commander Turtle.

23026035906_16cae2c996_t.jpg – What will you do with him now.


22286311168_e82963d4e1_t.jpg - He will be transferred to Cell block B until we can arrange some kind of exchange with the Kawashita Group. Walk with me I would like to show you something.

22571099113_4b8f4e1a25_b.jpgAG Week 25 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr

22286311168_e82963d4e1_t.jpg - Before we return Turtle to the Kawashita Group we are planning on using this opportunity to spy on them. Our intelligence tells us that Commander Turtle loves vehicles with large engines. Down there we are working on The “Kawadillac”. It is an old hover car we captured during the first Sorn conflict.

23026035906_16cae2c996_t.jpg - Wha….

22286311168_e82963d4e1_t.jpg - Lets go down and take a look.


22863198276_201ae040c1_t.jpg - What do you all think?

22286311168_e82963d4e1_t.jpg - Looks great. Would you please show SpacerSteve some of the upgrades?

22863198276_201ae040c1_t.jpg- Well first off we upgraded the motor with some unnecessary chrome details and more horse power then anybody needs.


22863198276_201ae040c1_t.jpg - We also attached a device that converts the normally clean exhaust into carbon emissions. It seems that Commander turtle wanted each Kawashita vehicle to emit this carbon to gradually warm the planet.

22286311168_e82963d4e1_t.jpg - Truly a noble act!

23026035906_16cae2c996_t.jpg - That seems a bit….

22286311168_e82963d4e1_t.jpg – Now lets look over here


23026035906_16cae2c996_t.jpg - What is this?

22286311168_e82963d4e1_t.jpg - oh that is you spy suit!

22863198276_201ae040c1_t.jpg - We spared no expense on the mask.

22286311168_e82963d4e1_t.jpg - Here is you mission. Now try the suit on.


23026035906_16cae2c996_t.jpg - this feels so wrong. It will never work.

22286311168_e82963d4e1_t.jpg - I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

Thanks for looking C&C is welcome. There are some more pics of the Kawadillac and mechanic bay below.





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How comes you get to do infiltration missions as CEO when Raven is stuck with board meetings? Unfair! :cry2::classic: :classic:

Really nice garage and hover car.

And you can never have to mush horse power! (asuming the rest of the car and driver can handle it)

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I love that ship! Where is the eye patch head and the girl's torso from? I don't recognize them.

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The eye patch head is psyclone from ultra agents. It its normally covered by a helmet. Ultra agent have great parts for AG. The torso is from the dino trackers large Dino pen.

Edited by SpacerSteve

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