42009 D Model car Transporter by MrTekneex

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Just seen this really incredible D model of 42009:

Have i overseen the Thread of this MOC? Of yes please apologize and please delete my thread.

One of the best c model i have seen. Incredible lowering of the upper deck and perfect looks.

Would be a great MOC if build from any parts. But as a c model: just outstanding IMHO

MrTekneex, are you planning BI?

Would paying any amount of € ;-)

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Here's the embed so everyone has no excuse to see yet another excellent one-set MOC from MrTekneex:

Kumbbl, I haven't seen a thread on this before so I think you'll be ok with this one.

MrTekneex does say on his Facebook page that he is making instructions for this transporter that will hopefully be ready for Christmas. I'd be willing to pay a lot as well, but I'm confident the price will be more than reasonable :wink:

NB: I've only just "figured out" MrTekneex's name. Boy do I feel daft right now...

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I love one set MOCs : creating with what you have is what LEGO is all about, and only 2 official models per set always sounds so deceptive to me

This one is fantastic, design and functions merge so well !

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MrTekneex has made some amazing MOCs from the 42009 set. His Flatbed tow truck is equally as impressive. It goes to show just how versatile this set is.

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I love the flatbed truck. Once again, the functions are so smooth. And to do it all with the parts of another set..... great work.

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Will defiantly get these instructions! I bought the Jeep instructions from him and they are very nice :)

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After ~2 days of dismantling my previous form of 42009 set (http://www.designer-han.nl/lego/cranetruck_42009c.htm) and rebuilding it into this MrTekneex's D model, here are my feedback for others who want to try:

-. First, lots of thanks for creative people out there who provide BIs (paid or free) out of one set.

This gives additional value for the set as buying (additional) parts from BrickLink to build a MOC is not yet that popular in the place where I live (Singapore).

With "one-set-MOC" like this, I know for sure that I have all the required parts (with precise part colors) without having to buy additional parts :).

PS: MrTekneex, Designer Han, or anyone else who read this. I just bought the 42043 set. I know that there are many MB Arocs variants out there but no proper BIs yet. If you are planning to build C or D or E model out of set 42043, you have the guarantee of my future BI purchase :).

-. 42009 set is indeed quite versatile. With this one set alone, I have build (and rebuild) it into:

a. The default A model: Mobile Crane

b. B model: Reach Stacker + Container

c. MrTekneex C model, Flatbed Tow Truck

d. This MrTekneex D model, Car Transporter Truck

e. Designer Han's C model, Crane Truck, http://www.designer-han.nl/lego/cranetruck_42009c.htm

f. Low Loader, http://bricksafe.com/pages/jb70/42009-tieflader/intructions,

g. Helicopter, http://bricksafe.com/files/dave_harv/helicopter/Helicopter%20instructions.pdf

h. Forklift, http://bricksafe.com/files/Dalafik/Heavy%20Duty%20Forklift/HeavyDutyForklift.ldr (in building pipeline)

For me, the cost of a set is the number of 100% models that I can build with that set, so although set 42009 is expensive, the cost is now 1/8 of the original cost :).

-. This MrTekneex D model (Car Transporter Truck) is a complex build (gearbox for 5 motorized functions with gears rotating in various orientations, that's fascinating :O), the 11 Euro really worth the build time if you already have set 42009 and don't mind disassembling ~2000+ parts.

Building instruction is clear, already a step better than MrTekneex C model BI (of last year) that was also equally good.

The 5 motorized functions work well except two: The tilting of extra rack has to be done before tilting cab (obviously, otherwise they crash into each other) and the issue of lowering of upper deck.

For the lowering of upper deck, there is already a warning in the BI that this function has to be used properly (can only be used when the upper deck is straight at the top and two switches have to be positioned correctly otherwise the parts involving two worm gears will likely force those who are familiar with Lego Technic to quickly turn off the battery box --- some parts will likely break otherwise). This fifth function is very hard to get right :O...

However, the upper deck cannot be really lowered fully though, so actually a car needs "help" to get out from the upper deck after it is lowered (fade to black at minute 3:30 of MrTekneex's video).

As I never see the real Car Transporter actually unloads it's cargo, I have to Google around to see how it really works.

I found this

and it seems that the function of lowering upper deck in straight position is not actually needed as long as you can tilt the upper deck?

Anyway, although the Car Transporter Truck width is 19 studs, there are 2 studs width pillars at the back (on left and right side), so technically you can only squeeze "Lego Cars" that have 15 studs width (very tight) or smaller.

I think it should be possible to rearrange the beams that form the pillars so that the maximum car width that can go in is wider.

My only test bed is 42026 small F1 car (13 studs width). That one fits.

Of course 42035 Mining Truck shown in MrTekneex video clearly fits.

So in conclusion

If you already have set 42009 (assembled or not) and don't have plan (or budget) to buy another flagship set anytime soon, then just spend additional 11 Euro to buy the BI and give yourself "yet another flagship model" from a set that you already own :).

If you don't have set 42009 and considering to buy it, go ahead. It's price is currently (whatever price in your country)/8 so far :).

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Quickie review: I bought the instructions for both this and the flatbed. The email with link arrived in less than 24 hours (I ordered them when it was night in Europe, so the not-instant reply was expected). They're big files - half a gig for the pair of pdf files - but again, expected with them being hundreds of pages long. And they're good. Almost as good as real Lego manuals. There were only a few spots I had any confusion over parts or how to assemble something, and they were minor. There's also more spots with large modules that need to be attached than Lego would do, and sometimes it's tricky to get 6-10 pins and axles lined up.

My only gripe is general with electronic instructions. Most people are using them on a tablet or small-ish laptop, so they end up being smaller than a paper manual. It made for a fair bit of zooming and panning, since you need to see the corner with the parts shown, but then pan over to the picture to see where they go. But that's just what happens when building a large model with instructions on a 10" screen.

The build itself was great. Very few "build x of these same modules" or "build the same thing twice, but mirrored" sections. It came together nicely and you end up with a VERY big truck. It's nice and solid, other than the upper deck which you can see just from looking is a little flimsy (which is realistic, not a complaint). The functions are very well implemented. The lowering the upper deck is a bit weird, since I can't think of any reason you'd want to, but it's an awesome bit of engineering. The front and back are lowered by completely different mechanisms, but it stays almost perfectly level. Very very cleverly done. The build took a lot of hours, but in a good way.

My other favorite part is the knob to turn the battery box on and off. That's such a nice feature, having that function in a knob next to the gearbox switch. Makes switching direction so easy. His mechanism works great too.

There's only a small pile of parts left over, and the whole build felt less B-model-ish than real Lego sets. (by that I mean the tendency in B-models to have parts used weirdly, just because they're the parts available rather than the ideal part).

I did have to go hunt down a few parts, but I suspect my bin of "42009 parts" had been raided at some point. I was short a few axles and bushes. Again, probably my fault - I didn't take an inventory before I started.

My only other nitpick is that routing the cable from the motor to the battery is unclear. It needs to go a certain way to reach, but the installation of motor and battery are hundreds of steps apart. So look ahead to where it needs to go and keep that in mind as you build so that you can keep the cable routed well.

Overall, this was absolutely worth the cost for the instructions and I'm looking forward to building the flatbed as soon as I have time - and I'm saying that as someone with a brand new in the box Arocs in the house waiting to be built too! I'm honestly not sure which I'll build first :) (ok, probably the Arocs, but mostly because I hate taking sets apart, so I'm not looking forward to disassembling the car transporter to build the flatbed)

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Super quick review and some pictures when i get them uploaded :)

The worst part was dissembling the 42009! The model is big in size and you can get the 3 Creator cars on it (Mini, F40 VW camper) but as said earlier the beams that tilt the upper deck are a bit to narrow. It can also hold the Mini and F40 on the top deck with no problems.

I also missed some axles but the 42009 i used was bought second hand so there might have been some parts missing or my cat has "borrowed" some parts to put under the sofa. When i get a hold of another 42009 i will build the flatbed.

Have built 2 of his MOC's now and i can warmly recommend them :) Unimog/Jeep and this

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Good idea ... Maybe my next build. Thanks also for pointing to the Designer Han C model. Looks interesting!

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Does anyone know if it is possible to turn this model into a PF model with working PF functions all steming from the motor and battery pack used in the A model of 42009

e. Designer Han's C model, Crane Truck, http://www.designer-...ruck_42009c.htm

with lego all is possible - you have just to switch on your creativity.... but there are no instructions for PF-ing Hans C-model of 42009...

BTW: THis is the thread of MrTekneex Car transporter and not of Hans model.....

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