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Avalonia task 4 : The Restauration of Falahuas ch4

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With this build I am claiming the Task 4 : Laborers : Road workers category for my city of Falahuas.

I made this little chapter also to announce that my trade roads by land are partially re-opened, mainly for Avalonians first. I am making Falahuas open to the Avalonians who want to create some trade roads with it. To do so : PM me and, when the road is accepted, make a build in the Falahuas market place. This will allow spreading some brands of trade from the 6th task !

And with it I am saying that I will participate more in the active political life and major lore of Avalonia and GoH !

This is the 4th chapter of my story The Restauration of Falahuas. Here are the previous chapters :

- The Restauration of Falahuas Ch1

- The Restauration of Falahuas Ch2

- The Restauration of Falahuas Ch3

After joining Erthain at First Fall Point, the western borough of the city of Falahuas, and helping him to finish the bridge repairs, the 'Road Repair Team' lead by Lord Faladrin himself worked hard through the Enchanted Forest.

They rebuilt each mile of the western road first in order to join Vanhorn and be able to contact some Avalonians.

Lord Faladrin was on duty by escorting the workers through this part of the forest well known to be lush and opulent. The workers saw by seeing the flowers and the vegetation near the road, that is usually well kept, this will be a hard job to repair the road !

And Faladrin knew it was a dangerous pass. It was near there, some years ago, he was hit by a poisonned arrow that nearly killed him. Without the help of Walaheria, who healed him, he would be dead.


Firstly, the team had to dig and remove the remnants of the older road.


Then they had to spread sand and flatten the road bed.


And finally put the pavement on. The stone cutters had to prepare and bring many loads of stones and pavement !


With all this activity around, nobody seemed to see this strange winged shadow passing through the bushes of flowers...


To be continued...

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I like how you are showing the process of building a road and the story is good. :thumbup:

Some constructive criticism: I think it would look better if you lowered the 'density' of your build. With all the things in such a tiny space, it's hard to tell what's going on: the focus on the individual builds/aspects of the build gets lost. The use of many different bright colours also magnifies this. My advise: spread out your builds over a larger area and highlight your bright colours in seperate parts of your build, surrounded by bricks with a darker tone of the same colour, to blend it in with the rest of the build.

Happy building! :wink:

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Lots of neat work details here :thumbup: Exetrius has some good advice, spreading your build out a bit more would make it a lot easier to appreciate all that you put into the build.

Like those neat plant designs :wub:

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Thank you very much to all of you.

I will consider your advices. Sure it deserved more space.

I will think of it and highlight some flower bushes with darker colours for next buildings.

Again thanks !

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