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Hey all,

Bublible has been nothing but helpful to me but He has trouble understanding my meanings since English isn't his first language and I need help. I am nearly ready to post my first Lego ideas project and I am going to be using Bluerender with Bublible modification SunFlow to render out my screen shots for the submission.

From what Bublible has told me you need to keep textures/decals to the same dimensions as LDD's textures. My major problem is there are no Guidelines to decals for Arms and Legs and my project has need for these.

Anyone know how to make the textures for Arms and Legs that won't look messed up? I want the arm and leg textures to line up properly without bleeding into the areas that are taken care of by the transparency. So say I have a Arm decal that is meant to represent a t-shirt and I only want it to cover half the arm and wrap around properly how would I make it?

Are there templates? If so can someone guide me to it? I really am at a impasse without this since one of my Minifigures needs to have arms with the same pattern as the Torso's print.

Thanks for the help Everyone.

Well off to make more textures.

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