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Remote-control 8448 Super Street Sensation

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Right, everybody knows the 8448, right? It's soon a decade old, and because of that also engineered for the motor available at that time - those who own it know that it has a small bay underneath for the motor, just slide it in a secure it, and all is done.

Curiousity struck, when I noticed how small the new motors are. I initially only had the Ferris Wheel, and because of that only had the small motor, but it fit like a glove. Two extra pins, remove the driving gear (for the old motor) and hook it up. The chassis needs no modification, to my great surprise, there's ample space inside and the motor does not intrude on overall design, there's still space for the engine, so the result is that the car ends up looking like it did a decade ago.

Well, knowing that this new motor system has a remote-control module, I got myself 4958, and with minor modification, could fit in the XL Motor as well, with the small motor moving forwards, hooked up to the steering rack and now acting as the car's servo steering.

Because of the image size, and me being a noob on the new camera, I'm just going to give you all a link that will take a lil' while to load.



And when you're done staring: watch it in motion (31 megs, beware!)

There are some teething problems - it chooses to jump gears when put in a high gear ratio or whenever there's some resistance, so in the clip I'm actually driving the car in reverse gear. I've been thinking of maybe replacing it with an automatic gearbox, just for ease of operation.

So, what do you think?

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Cool! *wub* Very cool! I like how the cat looks unsure of that it is... :-D I want to do the same but I have to design a car first....

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