[MOD] Another FO Transporter

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Logged on to post these pics only to find a superior mod by @Veynom (I didn't copy the airbrake extensions - honest!) already attracting admiration, but I thought I'd share anyway! I've only gone for a four stud extension, but for me it brings the whole craft into better proportion. I triued to keep as close to the original style as poss (I like to see the studs!) but my main issue with the original build was that the control tower section looked a bit over-sized - I'm much happier with it now. I also wanted to cover up the exposed technic bars under the engines -I'm also fairly happy with how this looks too. Although I changed the deck-mounted cannon slightly, it can still be used to fire off the extensions. I'm fairly certain we'll be seeing a lot more images over the next month, so I'm sure it'll be back to the drawing board, but for now...





Still plenty of room for more stormies when the battlepacks arrive...


Everyone aboard!


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Nice mod as well !!!

I particularly like the rear modification below the engines. Good work there.

And the fact we end with similar MODs for the small read wings only prove it is a good move. :-p

Besides, copying is fully permitting anyway, so if you like something from one my MOCs, feel free to copy shamelessly.

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I love what you did here (and what Veynom did as well). I was thinking about picking one of these up soon...approximately how many additional pieces did you have to add on your mod?

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I like the modified deck-mounted cannon. It looks more fit in scale and less bulky. The covering of the Technic bars below the engines are also a nice touch too.

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