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[O - E03] Opposites Attract

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Location: E03 - Ertauq

Tags: Civil, Land Vehicle

Tram Stop #6, Aketi Outpost, 3800 AD. 11 Novembrinali.


Mrs. Long: "That damn tram is late again! Time is money and I needed to be at this meeting yesterday!"


Mrs. Long: "There it is! About time too."


Jebediah O'Reilly: "When the tram stops, I'll grab Blendin from under the nose of that unsuspecting policeman..."

Meanwhile, in the station maintenance shed...


Mysterious Assailant: "That should keep him quiet. Now, Mrs. Long, you'll pay the price for draining an entire planet of natural resources and causing the natives to go extinct... the Serpent's Head takes no prisoners. All in the name of 'science'... bah! The Axis was doomed from the start."


Mysterious Assailant: "You'll get a nasty surprise when that tram comes off the rails... Just have to disrupt the magnetic field that binds the tram to the rails and everything will go to hell."


Mysterious Assailant: "Just pull the lever..."


Mysterious Assailant: "...and push the big red button."

Back on the platform...


Jebediah O'Reilly: "You're coming with me..."


Tram Driver: "Woah! What's going on?!"

Mrs. Long: "This is certainly against regulation! I'll be filing a formal complaint with the Bureau of Public Transportation..."


Tram Driver: "What the hell!?"

*crash* *explosion* *various fire noises*


Mrs. Long: "Uhhh..."


Mysterious Assailant: "Goodbye Mrs. Long. It wasn't nice knowing you. Please, think before you do something drastic. The Serpent is always watching..."


No extra shots this time, my apologies for the rushed build and lateness of the full story. :laugh: Thanks for looking! :grin:

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Better pictures and full story coming Wednesday. I have the day off, being Veteran's Day and whatnot. :blush:

Sorry for the kinda rushed build... Danny and I decided to change story direction at the last moment... and this is the result of that. :laugh: But I can't miss a week! Not when I've come this far! :tongue:

I know that feel! :blush:

Great build though! Can;t wait to see the finished story!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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...And Dr. Long's mother is dead! :oh3:

What a twist! :grin: who could this mysterious assailant be!? What is the Serpent's Head? Why did they want to kill poor Mrs. Long?! So many questions! :oh3:

Lovely work! The build is nice and serves its purpose well, and the story is awesome! Nice work! :grin:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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