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Bootleg Hero Factory Breez 2.0 Review

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Hello and welcome to my first Review on Eurobricks!

I got this Bootleg Version of Breez from my Mom who was in Thailand 2 weeks prior. Since there are hardly any Reviews about Bootleg Figures, I thought it was a good idea to make a Review out of this obscure find.

Since I don't have anything like a light box, I "crafted" one myself with a chair and 2 sheets of paper,so I apologize for this low-bugdet decision, I hope you can still see everything clear and sharp.

So is this a good copy or does it belong in the trash? Let's get started!



22435046089_b298fffd6d_z.jpgBootleg 2 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr

The Front of the box, the figure came already assembled. There's also the instruction manual printed on the backside of the cardboard.


22639220640_6616d3a249_z.jpgBootleg 1 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr

Here we have the Earth Tutelary, War for the invader from Space. Gotta love the broken English these Knock-offs have.

Interesting Parts:

Special Parts:

22206064113_23c35f7a06_z.jpgBootleg 3 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr

Here are the most interesting parts of the set. The Torso bone has an axle connection right under the upper ball joint, which would be really useful for MOCs. You cant really see it here so I made a second picture of it. The Silver Leg shell just states "Hero" on it. The Torso shell has a very cool texture on it which gives it some extra detail. Instead of the 2.0 Head, there are using a red Glatorian Head, also the Headgear has an Axle Connector.


22435042409_0b3b7f0c11_z.jpgBootleg 4 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr

The Torso bone again, now you can clearly see the axle connection port. In my opinion the most useful part of this whole figure.


22408842898_801f864587_z.jpgBootleg 5 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr

On the left side we have the Bootleg parts. The Colors are pretty spot on, but you can clearly see the difference between them, especially on the silver headgear. But the brick quality isn't that bad actually, its quite good for a Bootleg.

The Figure:


22639206570_1b75ac1380_z.jpgBootleg 6 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr

Breez from the front. Yes, she has blue spikes instead of red ones. I dont know how you can mess this up but they did.

Edit: Thanks to Kalhiki I just saw that she also has the 1.0 Core instead of the 2.0 one!


22206054113_9da7caefd1_z.jpgBootleg 7 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr

The Back. Nothing special to see here.


Pose 1:

22801189806_f1c1bcee83_z.jpgBootleg 8 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr

While it has a more cheaper plastic than the official LEGO, it kinda has a good quality. Bricks have enough friction for more comlicated Poses and they dont fell like they will break off that easy.

Pose 2:

22206046873_20ae1efe55_z.jpgBootleg 9 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr

This also works, thanks to the hand having enough friction to hold the whole figure.

Final Verdict:

22204449334_33ca3582a3_z.jpgBootleg 10 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr

A final picture.


You know, for a "cheap knock-off" the quality off the bricks is pretty good, especially since you need it for Action Figures so they don't break too fast. It also has some nice Parts, especially the Torso. But would I combine this one with my real LEGO? Probably not.

So all in all, a pretty solid set.

I hope you enjoyed my Review, leave me a comment down below and thanks for Reading!


Edited by Dosenbrot

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Bootleg/knockoff reviews belong in community, I will move this.

The most interesting part of this for me is the headgear being mounted to a glatorian head, i have to say I wish that was actually how it had been done in the first place as it would have made the headgear far more useful. (Obviously some slight change would need to be made as it seems to sit a bit high up on the head, but still.)

And yeah I'd totally take that torso.

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I have seen a lot of bootlegs like this before but never bought any. Thanks for the review of this strange side of our hobby!

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That whole torso... The extra detail on the torso shell and the 1.0 Core on the 2.0 Chest armor... I'm in love.

Thanks for this. Maybe one of these days I'll get a knockoff just for the novelty.

Also, "tutelary." That made me chuckle. Do people even use words like that?

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the 1.0 Core on the 2.0 Chest armor

Oh my, I just realized this! How did I miss that one?

Edited by Dosenbrot

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I'm also get a similar bootleg figure like that in Thailand, but unfortunately that the one I get has poor plastic quality and the figure I get can't do too many poses.

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