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Technic Crane Contest

This topic will be used as a voting topic for the Technic Crane Contest.

Voting will be open for at variable period of time. There's no fixed closing date. Closing date will most likely be somewhere between one and two weeks.


  • Voting scheme uses the old Formula One style point distribution (10, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 POINT)
  • You need to assign 10 points to the 1st place, 6 points to the second and so one.
  • You need to vote for 6 ENTRIES (no more, no less)
  • Clearly mention the ENTRY NUMBER and the NUMBER OF POINTS per entry that you vote on.
  • If you joined Eurobricks after the start of the contest, you can be banned from voting (when vote rigging is suspected)
  • You may NOT vote for your own entry.
  • In the event of a tie for any place the Technic Staff will decide which entry wins. Our decision is final.
  • Questions about voting can be asked in the Technic Crane Contest - Information Topic.

For example (entries randomly chosen):


comments can be placed above the votes

5: 10 (no comments here please)

6: 6

1: 4

9: 3

7: 2

3: 1

Or comments can be placed below the votes



  • Please use this exact notation NUMBER: VOTES (with a colon).
  • Please don't type #1:10, 1 = 10 or 1) 10 or other notations. Stick to the example format shown above.
  • Please use this thread only for voting. You may explain why you made your choice, but any general discussion should take place in the Information Topic.
  • Comments should be placed ABOVE or BELOW the votes. Please don't comment on the same line as the votes.


All entries can be found in the entry thread:

Please visit the entry topic to see all entries.

1. Kenworth K100 Crane Truck @ efferman

2. Terex Luffing Jib Tower Crane @ Doug72

3. Mammoth 8x8 All Terrain Mobile Crane @ Zblj

4. Grove Shuttlelift CD3339 @ lindr6

5. Gantry Crane @ paave

6. Jerfeds Hamnkran @ DavSod

7. 6-Axle Mobile Crane @ kubic

8. Crawler Crane with a Three Stage Boom @ Epic Technic

9. UNIC URW-094 Mini Spider Crane @ JamesJT

10. Dock Container Crane @ Doc_Brown

11. Big Ol' Red Pipelayer @ MacKaiwer

12. Folding Crane @ Erik Leppen

13. Modular Crawler Crane @ Sir Wolf

14. Trailer Crane @ Ludo Visser

15. Ancient Greek Crane @ rhplus

16. Liebherr LTC 1045 @ Milan

17. Liebherr LR1100 D @ fabione

18. Grove Trailer Crane @ aminnich

Good luck!

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Ok, here we go:

1: 10

12: 6

13: 4

2: 3

5: 2

15: 1

Difficult to choose, all entries are so impressive. Good luck to all!

I had a lot of fun building my entry :classic: Crane building is hard though, that I learned :grin:

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My first vote. Congratulations to all entries and good luck!

12: 10

1: 6

5: 4

2: 3

9: 2

15: 1

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When scoring the entries I looked at the following attributes which I find important:

- Originality of the type of machine the entry represents.

- Playability: is the entry easy to operate, what features does it have to play with, how many options does the entry allow for interacting with other sets/creations.

- Ingenuity: the level of “cleverness” of the chosen creative solutions and mechanisms

- Looks: proportions, aesthetics and colour scheme

As a result, my votes are:

1: 10

6: 6

5: 4

12: 3

16: 2

17: 1

Good Luck to all contestants!

Edited by Cumulonimbus

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No.1 was instant choice for me but for the others it was hard to decide. Many good entries I would love to rate higher. Anyway, Congratz to all participants and good luck!

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Lots of diverse cranes with some ingenious solutions.

I judged on looks, functions and smoothness of operation.







Good luck to all the entries.

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1: 10

16: 6

5: 4

2: 3

3: 2

15: 1

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was great again to see all these awesome MOCs take shape on the forum.

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3. 10

1. 6

5. 4

16. 3

9. 2

15. 1

Was really hard picking the Mocs to vote for. They are all so good!

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My votes:

3: 10

16: 6

6: 4

1: 3

17: 2

7: 1

It was rather easy task to pick six favourites but quite difficult task to choose order between them. Off road crane is still my absolute favorite so my maximum points for very nice work. Good luck to all contestants, really nice work and effort!

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