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This was my Halloween MOC. It uses a SBrick to control 4 functions:

- White light

- Ultra-violet light

- Fog

- Minifigs rotation


The white light uses a regular LEGO Power Functions Light pair. One LED is inside the pumpkin at front, the other one is bellow the floor, pointing up.

The ultra-violet ("black") light uses 3 home made Power Functions UV pairs, with UV LEDs. I'm using a rectifier bridge and two 100 Ohm resistors to drive the LEDs, a circuit identical to LEGO PF Light pair.

2 pairs (4 LEDs) light 4 torches in the left and right walls. I put the LED inside a technic 1x1 brick with hole, behind the trans-neon-orange flame to hide it (black light sources are also blue light sources). Some UV passes trough, not much but I complete it with another pair (2 LEDs) bellow the floor, pointing up. There is a fifth torch in the back wall, without UV LED behind but still glowing a bit, like the spider in the left corner.


The fog cames from an home made fog generator. It uses a kantal wire to heat glycerole/glyrecin, like the smoke generators used in in model trains as also most e-cigs. Has a silica wick that takes the glycerin from a small tank, enough for more than 30 minutes of work.

The fog is not spreading allover the MOC as I intended. I might add a small fan later.

Finally the minifigs rotation uses an old 9V micro-motor. No gears so it turns to fast :(

Everything is powered from a LEGO Power Functions LiPo. You can see most of the electronics in this photo of the base while being assembled:


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This is really cool! I like it a lot. :sweet:

Awesome how even the turning of the figures kinda sounds scary, unless you added sound effects? :tongue:

I'm impressed with the use of the fog machine too! :devil: I shall have to learn how to do that.

Great job :thumbup:

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