[LDD MOC] Modular Graveyard, Halloween Edition

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MUAHAHA! It's the spookiest time of the year, and time to show you my new LDD creation! And it's a halloween themed MOC, no less, so, without any further ado, let's take a stroll through the Saint Modular's Cemetary...


This place is modular, but not Detective Office, or Parisian Restaurant Modular, but instead, every grave with it's parcel (and inhabitant :pirate_skel1:), is a module on it's own, connected via technic pins, so is the fencing and the gate. Now, St Modular's seems to be a quiet, somber place of rest for departed minifigs, but...


On Halloween Night, right after clock strikes midnight, all hell breaks loose, and the graveyard gets haunted by popculture references, THE HORROR!


When the night falls, and the full moon shines in all it's glory, the sky get's littered with all things paranormal. Ghosts racing through the night, flying saucers are here in search of inteligent life forms (good luck with that... :tongue: ), and werewolf calls his pack on a hunt. Also, It beats me how a cursed sarcophagus with it's wrapped up owner got it's way here from Egypt, but whatever!


Here we have, straight outta Sleepy Hollow, the Headless Horseman, and his trusty steed, rearing triumphally. But who's that mysterious fellow in black clothes and mask that every self proclaimed computer hacker seems to wear nowadays?


Yup, It's Agent Smith Elrond V! And what does V stands for? Very cool MOC, obviously. And Vendetta. Moving on!


There's a little Dance party here, with King of Pop Himself, immortalized as a minifig. Chucky, put down that knife, you sexy doll you, just look at that charming smile... Also, Slenderman's here. And a generic evil Mecha, don't mind him, he's aquiring his target, ahem, I mean having a good time...


One, two, Freddy's coming for you... Nah, he's just hiding behind the grave, sneaky bastard...


Right at the front Cthulhu would like to have a swim, but Sadako/Samara won't let him in her well...


What a Halloween MOC would be without vampires? Unfortunately, Dracula, Count Orlok, Lestat and Count von Count couldn't come to the party, so we had to bring this guy, Edward Cullen. Darth Vader was so annoyed that he force-choked mr. Sparkly McStupidface. Damn, Pattison sure has tough luck, when it comes to dying at a graveyard, first You-Know-Who, and now another dark lord have killed him... But Wait, What's that green gooey stuff under the crypt's wall?


Oh, these are just Xenomorph Eggs, But what is it? A young Yautja Warrior is trying to lay his hands on them... Watch out Hunter, there's an Alien queen, ready to defend her offspring, or rather incubating facehuggers...


Despite this all happening, a plucky gravedigger on his nightshift seems to be not aware of the paranormal activity in his workplace. Well, you can see in his face he has some HAUNTING suspicion, that something EERIE is going on, but that was only autumn wind HOWLING, and giving him the CREEPS. Ok, I'll stop here this pun is so DREADful, it's SCARY... :snicker:

And, that's quite it, soon I'll upload the .lxf so you can dl it and admire it in it's whole glory. Happy Halloween Everybody! :devil:

Also, there's one hidden character, did you spot Waldo? If so, post in comments!

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Nice build. I particularly like the Predator, the rocket flames coming from that guy's feet (nice effect), the lighting from the clouds, and that UFO! :classic:

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Im gutted, but in a good way!

You've done a really nice graveyard here, with quite a few features that I have on mine that I am currently part way through building and was going to post :( The graves, a 'main grave' (I have a sarcophagus, you have a tomb thing which looks really good!), a headless horseman, and really coincidentally, 4 graves, all surrounded by a nice looking wall with a gate! Must be the typical thing people imagine :laugh:

I like all the movie references you've managed to fit in, especially Samara coming out of the well :devil:

Hahahaha I've just spotted Chucky!!!

Really nice graveyard =D

Will you be building this in real bricks?

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Pretty scary MOD

Have a spooky Halloween!

:pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1::pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1::pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1::pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1::pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1::pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1::pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1::pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1::pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1: :pirate_skel1:

(Waldo is behind the Grim Reaper)

Darth Vader was so annoyed that he force-choked mr. Sparkly McStupidface.

HAHAHAHA Best thing ever

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(Waldo is behind the Grim Reaper)

Yep, he's hiding in the mausoleum:


And, as I promised, here are the .lxf, one is the regular graveyard, the other is a halloween edition:



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