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This modular castle system is based on 4x8 and 8x8 modules. They are designed to connect in all 3 dimensions so you can build walls, towers, keeps and fortresses. Below is an example of a smaller castle that you can build the interchangeable modules in about a Minute (minus the time for the decorations).

22472833015_97c5d3cbdb.jpgModular Castle Two Towers by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

Pictured below are the room modules. They connect to each other by using the pair of Lego Technic pins on the side near the top or by stacking them. They can be placed directly on top of each other or offset by half a module (4x8)

22483809031_e6bfb15e8e_c.jpg[Herurl=]Lego Modular Castle room modules[/url] by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

Here are various versions of the half or 4x8 battlement modules. They clip into the top of any room, balcony or bridge module.

21850107384_a9c286cef5_z.jpgLego Modular Castle Half Battlement modules by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

The modules below are the bridge and balcony modules. They each come in half, 4x8 and whole 8x8. These connect to the room modules using the pair of Lego Technic Pins. Once connected they extend the top surface area and allow you to place any room or battlement module on top.

22472832565_50759b7d3a_z.jpgLego Modular Castle balconies and bridges by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

To see a video demonstration of this system go to

Below are a front and back view of a hybrid of the balcony and bridge modules. They use the pair of Lego Technic pins to clip into the corresponding pair of pin holes on any room or bridge module. These match the floor level of the module above to allow a decorative balcony or curved battlement.

22472830405_e5b9fdacdd_z.jpgLego Modular Castle curved battlement and balcony by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

If you want to top off a tower with a decorative roof instead of a battlement, the roof and height extender module go together well.

22286006809_dee416f2b9_z.jpgLego Modular Castle roof and extender by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

Next is a view of the bottom room modules. Here is a front and back look at 3 different versions. The one in the center is a corner piece. Typically these bottom room modules are used to form the bottom level of your castle. These modules also have the Lego Technic Pin holes that allow you to connect any two modules together.

22483814061_281a9cf575_z.jpgLego Modular Castle bottom Modules by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

Below are 2 different whole or 8x8 battlement modules. These can be placed on top of any room module, bridge or balcony.

21850102474_ba0d6e6bd8_z.jpgLego Modular Castle whle Battlement Modules by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

Here is an example of a larger castle that you could build using this modular system.

21557790639_ac2c771fee_c.jpgLego modular castle 16 by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

Here are a couple of smaller ones. The possibilities are endless.

22285141868_26d73dfa34_z.jpgModular Lego Castle two watchtowers by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

22286012549_02d3ea9423_z.jpgModular Castle Central Tower by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr

If you are interested in seeing more castles built from this system as well as how the modules connect to each other. There are more pictures on MocPages.

I have submitted this modular Lego castle system to Lego Ideas as the Kingdoms Modular Castle. If you like this system, please vote for it.

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Thanks for the encouraging comments about the modular castle. I appreciate your suggestion. I will repost to that topic. PS. I love your username. BrickJagger I awesome.

Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to exploring Eurobricks and meeting people from all over the world.

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