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PTV 2015 Small: Squid's Reckoning at Bloodstained Bay

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Bloodstained Bay was once a sea port, but pirate raids and the raging sea have reduced it to nothing more than a crumbling tower on a lone rock in the open ocean. It is here where Captain Bart takes his prisoners to have them walk the plank to their grisly deaths at the hands (tentacles?) of the Sanguinary Squid, a creature so foul and loathsome that it has stained the walls of Blood Tower with the gore of its untold victims. When a prisoner is reluctant to leap to his doom, Captain Bart often has to leap in and provide some "encouragement". As cabin boy Danny plunges from his perch, his only thought is turned toward the churning of the water below that can only signify that the monster has arrived. Will he be the first to escape the Squid's Reckoning?

That question was actually rhetorical; he's definitely going to die.





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Captain Bart looks like a younger and slightly more intact Captain Redbeard. I like the tower and the posing is really good. The squid does look a little odd to me but I realize the size restriction makes those types of things difficult. Good idea and nice work.

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