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Plastic Nurak

Calculating odd angles with MLCAD and/or Leocad

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While building #5540 Formula 1 Racer model, I had some trouble finding the exact position of the two gray plate of the motor. I've positionated them at the 54° angle on the 3938 1x2 hinge top, and then I found that the one on the right (viewing from the bottom of the model) appears to be "well" positionated with value X 200 Y 48.625 and Z 40.625. The plate on the left (ever viewing the model from the bottom) instead has the position values of Y 11.375 and Z 40.75. You can argue the pieces are not parallel, but in the editor they appear right. Where I'm wrong?

Thanks for the answers,


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I don't exactly understand your problem. Maybe you can share the file?

Aside from that, I can really recommend LDCad. Even if you don't want to use it "full-time", it's a 1000 times easier to build weird angles in LDcad compared to MLCad. Especially when you use keyboard shortcut 'O' and the automatic brick-snapping turned on.

Of course, you'd have to learn all the tips and tricks to get really good ad using LDCad, but if you often have to work with angles, it's really worth it.

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