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Commander Beltar

PTV 2015 Small: Islander Chopping Board!

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Come one, come all! To the Islander Feast Preparation Day! But beware! If you are not one of us, or a lonely castaway, run, run, swim, and swim as fast as you can! Or else, you’ll find yourself on our Chopping Board!




These Unlucky Souls got lost after some soldiers had sunk their ship. Although they’ve been at sea for a couple days. They still have enough meat for us! They’ll be tasty!

“BACK I SAY, BACK! You will taste just fine. Now wait your turn!”-Translated From Islander to English.

Look at their faces! Lovely! They taste the best when they die scared!


Ooo! Lovely! That’ll be a good portion of our meal tomorrow!


“Hear the cries of that poor soul! HEAR THEM!”


Our great leader watches the coast scanning for more meat while his bride dries off a Leaf Skirt


Look at the fear! Look at the blood! Welcome to your fate, the Chopping Board!


Yes, I did try to make this sound like an insane person…I have lots of experience with that back at AG… Text in the post isn't all that good...I almost completely forgot the deadline was tomorrow! Always, hope you liked this build for PTV! C and C welcome!


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There sure are a lot of cannibal islanders around these parts lately. I like the tower design - especially the roof - and the bloodshed certainly fits the contest. The chest full of parts strikes me funny the way the arms are reaching out. Good entry.

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