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[MOC / Diorama] Micro Battle of Hoth

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I am totally a newbie in the LEGO Star Wars forum, I am more a Historical builder.

As it is my first attempt to make some SW MOC, I wanted to show you my little build.

My wife bought me as a gift, some microfighters and 2 SW advent calendars, the 2014 and the 2015 ones.

I made a scenette showing my Microfighters from the original trilogy in action.

I didn't have many bricks available, so I decided I'll build the MOC using only the bricks from 2 sets :

The 2014 Star Wars advent calendar


The 3866 The battle of Hoth boardgame

And then I put the microfighters in action like you can see in the photos.

Hope you like it.

22370818572_8b2c296134_b.jpgDiorama microfighters 01 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr

21761191824_21057e88c4_z.jpgDiorama microfighters 02 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr

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