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Ok got a bit of a odd one here. But everyone has helped me figure out the other things I needed advice on so why not.

Anyway I was thinking of some minifigures I want to make for my Collection (and possibly offer as commissions if I get good at it. :laugh: Who knows?) and I thought of a couple from a old video game The Neverhood.

Now decals for these characters couldn't be more simple if they were classic Town designs from the 80s. No that ain't my problem. The problem lies in their head shapes. The game was designed by Douglas Tenaple and one quirk his characters have if they aren't human is their conical head shapes. Now most of you would read that and say a cone of some type in place of the head would do. Well I'll let Klaymen here explain. (sorry can't post the image for some reason)

As you can see it's more of a upside down cone. Now for my question. Does anyone by chance know of any custom parts or normal part that would work? I may have to go the sculpty route but I want it to be as Lego as possible and sculpty just isn't plastic enough.

Any ideas or tips?

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