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Free build : Avalonia task 4 : The restauration of Falahuas ch1

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Free build for Avalonia 4th task : The restauration of Falahuas Chapter 1

Here is my first participation for the 4th task of Avalonia : I would claim the agricultural build for my capital Falahuas.

It is also the first chapter of the story of the Restauration of Falahuas.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

After the Drows' attack on Falahuas, the fields near the city of Falahuas, the capital, had to be regrown rapidly so the citizens don't starve.

Old Erthain, one of Faladrin faithfull friends, restarted some crops just at the western exit of the capital, at an ancient roadcrossing called First Fall Point, near the first falls of the river Falahuawin.

21512548913_ab2afc6970_z.jpgRest Falahuas 01b by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr

Faladrin himself went to salute his old friend and inspect the crops.

22073386445_2744e6c995_z.jpgRest Falahuas 01 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr

- Faladrin : Hi my friend ! How are you ?

- Erthain : Fine mylord, it's a pleasure to see you.

- Are the crops ok for feeding the people now ? We're going very short in food supplies by now.

- Yes, mylord, there will be enough to feed everybody. But we will need more men to harvest.

- Ok, then you shall have men.

- Thank you mylord.

- You're welcome my old friend.

- But mylord...

To be continued...

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Great build!!! Not only the farm is good, but the background of the first picture is great too! Looking forward to seeing more of Falahuas!

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I like the field and the figures, otoh i think you used to much different colors on the ground without a certain idea for it.

Unless i'm wrong and that's some sort of war debris illustration.

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The build looks nice from what i can see. Would have been nice to see a picture of the whole thing though. :wink::thumbup:

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